Venice Beach @ LA

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Bout time I blog about America huh.

Venice Beach @ Los Angeles

This is one of the best beaches I've ever been to. Compared to Malaysia, the water looks the same, the sand looks the same (minus trash). Whats different is whats happening by the beach.

Rows and rows of shopping.
Okla exaggerating, as you can see only one row so can only say one row of shopping. One muthafather long row.

Shops and shops of Shisha

Even medical Marijuana. wtf right ?

If you're feeling hungry,
To you it probably looks like shit but heck no, awesomest fries ever invented.

Tons of really interesting street performers too. I think this dude was attempting to jump/walk into that pile of glass. We didn't hang around long cos some entertainers talk too much.

This beach is also full of activities.
You can see semi naked uncles jogging,
Tennis, basketball,
outdoor gym. *drools at packs*
I'm into boys who do extreme sports so this beach is super my place la.

got Surfer Bois,

Skater Bois,

Skater babies,

more semi nude skater bois with mohawk and six packs. HAHA.
I'm sorry they're all boys la since I'm much more interested in boys LOL
You can spot alot of blondes cycling with half their boobs hanging out. Interested now ?

After Venice Beach, we went to the nearby restaurant. The land of cheesecakes.
no there are no oompa loompas in the Cheesecake Factory but I can tell you whats in there.
Awesomlicious cheesecakes you can't get anywhere else.

Red Velvet.

This is the something-really-yummy-but-I-forgot-its-name.

Godvia chocolate cheesecake !
Super yummy but I suggest to share a piece of cake since usually people get tired of cheese easily.

Apart from cheese there's also amazing sunset view right next to the restaurant.

supah friendly waitresses too LOL.

back to more food. Muthafather delicious too.

Not forgetting the ribs.

Venice Beach is really worth visiting. Food, shopping, boys, all in one. A must go !

I need a dress for International Understanding Evening.
Any ideas which traditional clothing I should get ? Still searching for my Greek Toga :/

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