Thursday, March 31


This is a random rant post.

Interact Carnival is two days away. TWO DAYS and I'm sick.
I just lost my voice. LOST MY VOICE.
and I'm DJ on Saturday. FREAKING DJ.
I'm swallowing health supplements and vitamins like they're water but NOT HELPING.
I think I've drank like a bottle of honey already.
Ok actually not really. Maybe 1/4 bottle.

When I'm sick, it also means I can't drink anything cold.
No icey drinks. WHAT IS INTERACT CARNIVAL WHEN YOU CANT EAT ICE CREAM LA ?! T________________________T

and to add to that, I've gained weight. LIKE AGAIN. Right before Interact Carnival (which is like better than Thursday Market cos got like 234234792 kinds of food somemore got chicken popcorn omg chicken popcorn)

and as a cherry on top, I broke my Ok Taecyeon keychain which I bought on Ebay for RM14. I know right, siao one who the heck buys such an expensive keychain.
and now i broke it.



seasoncloudspring said...

sound become sexy lo

seasoncloudspring said...


dilys ★ yeak said...

walaoo.. damn suay lor ni.. XD

AND THE CHICKEN POPCORN OHMAIGOSH!! is it like last years one? eeeeeeppp!! :D

Shuwen said...

@seasoncloudspring. Yahh damn sexy now LOL
@dilys YESS SAME ONE. Plus this year, GOT TWO STOVES. That means more omg omg :)))

Mr.B said...

chicken popcorn. mmmmmh. *drools* :B