Retarded people.

by - 3:34:00 PM

Everyone hates spam mail.
Spam messages.
Spam text.

Recently someone on facebook found it funny to tag 2349872349023489023 people in on message and now my inbox is filled with these...

no one cared
again no one cared

Same to this.

I was pretty annoyed when they started this thread and I admit responding to it once begging I could be removed but then it hit me.
Whats most annoying wasn't that everyone was tagged in it. The most annoying thing was that,


If everyone would stop responding, it wouldn't even be spam anymore !
Let alone threats. There were people warning each other saying stuff like "Sitiawan is very small, you better watch out" or "may your whole family die"
Seriously what is wrong with all you people ?

Tell me la, red bubble very annoying meh ? Need ask facebook change it blue ar?
Seriously, nobody knows how to ignore anymore. Rather than just fXcking here and there on that message, why don't you make a difference and stop replying to it ?
Is it THAT HARD to ignore ? If it is, dammit I pity your life.
Responding to the message asking people to remove you wouldn't make people remove you. You would just cause more annoyance to all the other 349872349023489022 people.

People tagged on that post probably wouldn't read this but people out there, this is like a PSA so that everyone would have more sense. Don't be retards because if I were to describe these people in a sentence, there would be too many retards in a sentence that facebook will charge me for spam.
Thank you very much, pls go get a brain.

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