Quick update.

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First of all, congrats to all the high achievers for SPM 2010 ! You guys did great :)
I'm supaaah glad you guys got good results and its not because I'm a caring friend. HAH.
Its because our principal would let us go home early (like around 11pm) if the results for SPM is good. Yes I'm that selfish bitch.

Just kidding, I'm seriously happy for all of you. And also the going home early issue :))

Life has been hectic recently. It was announced that mid terms for SPM-ers would be on the 9th of May and heck we're supposed to finish all our form 4 studies.
I am SO DOOMED. I'm so doomed to the extent that the only thing I understand about my Form 4 Accounts is that Accounts involves alot of lines and numbers. End.

I slept SO MUCH in class during Form 4 that I'm kinda regretting it. I mean people always say "Form 4 ? Honeymoon year la ! Better enjoy before SPM ". WHAT KIND OF ADVICE RIGHT ? Out of 11 subjects, I slept through 9 of them for the whole Form4. (BM, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry wtf all science, History, Moral, Accounts) I must be certified genius to even have gotten top 10 for end year.
So yes, because of my terrible past year, I have to hardcore study max until cannot so that after I get results I feel satisfied. Thats like my fave feeling ever. Its the feeling I get when I finish designing a page. The feeling I get when I finish reading a book/chapter. The feeling I get when I get top 10 in class. So yeah.
Old books are books that are used. :))

To top all the studies off, Interact Carnival is a week away and its gonna be supah busy. I'm in charge of getting sponsors (which I havent called yet, I just remembered), buying prizes and also I'm frikkin DJ. and to top THAT off, IU is 2 weeks after Interact Carnival.
Its not much of a big deal,

if you're not the IU Director. I wrote my first proposal ever few days ago. I should go mark down on my calendar. This is frikkin history.

ANYWAYYY, updates on recently :)

had red hot kimchi one day. Mum went Korean shop buy sauce one LOL.

and also Korean noodles from America with real Korean words printed on it. yums :)

The bestie's birthday @ Kenneth's Place.
Went to sing K after dinner. Found out that some Karaoke lounges were raided that very night cos prostitute overload. LOL

and last but not least,

Ok turns out its not much of a "quick" update but then I feel bad for abandoning my blog and blogging less now.
Today a junior told another junior during band practice that she likes my blog and there's a lot of things to read HAHA I DAMN PROUD LA OK but I think this post probably disappoints you cos uhm, its not all that imformative. I promise to blog about something more useful instead of starting off with "life has been hectic recently" like I've been typing so many times for the past month ok ? (What a long setence omg)
Back to my beauty sleep. Pls come back again. Ktkxbai :)

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