Pictures to inspire.

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I've decided to share these pictures which in some way made me happy everytime I look at them. I hope they inspire you like how they inspire me :)

Most pictures are taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram.

Sunset at Kg. Baru

Unedited. Amazingly beautiful. Don't hafta go San Francisco for this.

A day at home.

A day with the beloved members :) We are improving yo !

A day jogging while watching people flyyy.

I can't stop thanking God for the awesome things that has been happening recently. The beautiful places, the wonderful people and also awesomelicious iphone to take down all these moments. Thank you heavenly daddy and Earth daddy for all the love :)

Something even more awesome ?

What you are looking at now is a RM200 worth crepe.

I sold my Ipod touch to my cousin for these two flavoured crepes and homaigosh WORTH. EVERY. PENNY IPOD.
My cousin is a tech geek who fixes computers but his cooking is hamazing. I haven't blogged about his spaghetti but I will soon. Who knew a macho dude like him can bake/cook ! :)

Last picture of irresistible layers of guilt.
I'm on liquid diet today so its not really healthy to look at the above pictures too much so im gonna go sleep now. GOODNAI :)

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