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Note : This post may be a little boring.

"Passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something." -- Wikipedia

Everyone has something they love to do so much that they just can't give up. Everyone has things they love so much that they will never give it away.
For those of you who know me well enough, I have a thing for pretty things.
While most girls are obsessed over collecting handbags, shoes, makeup,
I have a thing for pretty books. Pretty illustration on books and that is probably why I wanted to be a graphic designer before this.

Funny enough, I collect pretty books.
I have a WHOLE SHELF full of notebooks, unwrapped, untouched. Some people like to constantly remind me that notebooks will soon be useless in the future when people have

The real notebook

or these

I even dreamt of a opening a company to make designer paper notebooks but then SOMEONE had to again remind me that I will go bankrupt if I do that cos most people are lazy to write but I don't think this passion of mine is gonna die soon. Since its been going on for a while now.

So yay, I'm gonna show you my collection of notebooks from all around the world :) I rarely bring them out cos dammit I hate it when paper go brown so be thankful ok !

Notebooks bought locally



South Africa

The spongebob collection

Barbie. I'm hoping I find more of Barbie notebooks :D SO PRETTYYYY.

This is special :) Its homemade. by my sister. Even though she told me do is it as draft paper, I would say this is the prettiest draft book ever made :D

Disney. The notepads on the left were from Disney store, the green was from Walk of fame, LA (cheat one Disney), the pink one, also the most expensive in the collection was from Disneyland LA and the heart one was from Disney World Florida.
I supah like the one in the middle la !

and the last of my favourites. Hello Kitty !
Charmy Kitty was from Japan. It costed me more than RM50 and is like 2nd most expensive in my collection. The other is cheat one HAHA.

I have lots more but if I blog about every one of them you would prolly die of sien ness.
I not only have love for notebooks. I have love for every kind of pretty book.
and that is why all my novels are prettaaaay :D :D

Somehow most of my favourite authors have drop dead gorgeous books :)

Do you have a weird thing that you like too ?
Leave a comment below !

What a totally nerd-ish post. I want more notebooks !

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