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I don't know if it has anything to do with my mood but there's so many funny things around lately LOL.

"Who in Super Junior is your favourite ?"
Yesung was about to give the kid his autograph when the kid asked
"So who are you by the way?" ROFL.
-- Twitter @kpopfacts

J : "You're starting to be a pain in the ass, STOP IT." said the man to the size XS underwear. I don't refer to any humans here.
J : "The world does not revolve around you." said the sun to pluto. Not referring to any humans here either
S to J : "stop being around the bush, said the old lady to the broom. Not referring to any humans here.
J : "Better save than never." said the guy wearing condoms. Not referring to any humans.
---Twitter J

Status update : World invasion. Alot of action :)
Comment : you trying to rap or something ? lols

Status update : You know why Lee Chong Wei used to lose to Lin Dan ? Because LCW = Let China Win. But now he's Datuk. DCLW = Don't Let China Win.
Comment : DLCW = don't let China win or = Die die let China win. So depends on whether he wins or not. ;P

"Tomorrow is Sunday because today is Saturday"
--- Twitter E

"Isn't California getting hit by a sunomi or something like that?"
--- Maple



I'm home from KL and work is already piling up ! I have magazine pages to design, homework to do, subjects to study, airasia to call, proposal to write. Dammit.
Anyway, pictures from KL !

I can love and hate her at the same time.

Its just like how she can be so cute yet so evil at the same time :))

This is awesome shiz. Who knew kopitiams sell chicken chop ! So KL.

slash that. I mean so YK.

Also my last Japanese dinner for a YEAR. #prayforjapan !

love love love but still #prayforjapan !!

Big boss who came down for a day :))

This picture is kinda to show how much I love my bed and how tired I was.
I ended up camwhoring for half an hour to get the perfect happy-I-can-get-rest picture.

and yeah I kinda ended up sleeping one hour later.

I wanna go back to KL T___________T

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