Interact Recycling Project

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Before I start my post, I would like to announce to all Teddy Donate buyers that I have donated the RM249 by selling my teddies last year to the kid who has brain tumour.

My mum donated RM500 last year and she topped up the RM249 to RM500 so in total it was about RM1000.

The little boy is only 15 this year yet he is going through 30 times radiation and 30 + times chemo. His dad passed away early and because his mum needs to take care of him, she stopped work. So for short they have no family income at all. Therefore SITIAWAN PEOPLE, show some love by donating.



I think we had about 2.9tonnes of recyclable items ! Crazy right !
Thank you all you awesome interactors who helped out ! Though tiring it was supaaah fun.

Our recycling project ahtao in green.

Huge piles of recyclable items.

Whole lorry for recyclable items.

Apart from the usual stuff - Newspapers and old magazines, we also found ALOT of reference books and SPM/PMR exercises that haven't been done. They were totally new apart from a few scribbled pages okay ! Also, some people even decided to recycle their perfectly in good condition comics. From Pokemon to Detective Conan and even Doraemon !
I think our Interactors too rich liao.

No seriously, how often do you get German teletubbies book in a pile of recyclable items ?


Meet up, anyone ? :))))

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