I remember youu.

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Yesterday someone msn-ed and asked where I've been and to be honest, I was kinda touched that he remembers me :) Thank you CW ! I appreciate it lots.

In the past years, I've met people, had friends who would always be there for me, who would ask what happened when I'm quiet. People who would rush over to see if I was okay but I don't really think I've ever been a friend like that.
I'm not good with numbers and I don't really remember my best friends birthday and I seriously feel damn guilty sometimes. So I'm gonna list down a few people to remind them that I've not and never will, forget them. :)

#1 Peanut.
I'm so sorry dear for not playing with you recently. I've been kinda busy with exams and school stuff but I promise I'll bathe you this Sunday and we'll play catch okay ? Jeongmal Saranghae

#2 Cheng the awesome dude from OBML.
When I first thought of writing this post, the first person who came into mind was you. I hope you're still anonymously following my blog because if you're reading this, I want to tell you that I've not forgotten you.
You've made my 10 days in OBML an experience of a lifetime. I still have the letter we wrote to ourselves and the letter you wrote to us and seriously, I think I grew up not because of OBML, but because of you :) Thank you for all your effort.

#3 Min Wae the bradder.
My goodness we lost contact for so long ! and to think that we used to go out together so often when I was in Form 3. HAHA We may drift apart due to our personal relationships but you'll always be the awesome brother. Seriously, who can ask for more ?

#4 Adesh
omg why last time i so skinny ? T_______T
Friend I made in Japan. Somehow we drifted apart too but my goodness what makes him so special is that the very first time I met him I was like "Woah is that Draco Malfoy ?" cos I seriously think he looks like Draco. Not only that he's like supah smart. One the first day of exchange orientation we had like games and he looked like a walking encyclopedia seriously. This dude is one hella joker. After Japan he tried to keep in touch but I was always pretty busy and not on MSN when he messaged. Now that he's in college he never MSNs anymore but honestly I think of him quite alot lor !

#5 Standard 6 gang.
The friends from Primary school. Zhe Lin, Shing Yen, Chia Guan, Sze Chang, Sze Er. MY GOODNESS just thinking of them is nostalgic.
I remember during Standard 6, every Monday Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm I would be at Zhe Lin's house and on Tuesday Thursdays I would go straight to Sze Er and Sze Chang's house after school and play there up till 8pm.
My goodness, I missed those times seriously and even though we don't talk / meet / hang out let alone chat anymore, I constantly think how you guys made my primary life so awesome :) If we had went to the same secondary school, all of us would probably still be best friends.
Time flies so fast. This was the last picture taken with you guys.
and its frikkin 2 years ago ! When did that even happen.

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."
This. is so true. We may drift apart. But my brain doesn't have a functional delete button thus memories will always, always remain :)
I may not be there to wish you guys on your birthdays because my brain doesn't have a functional remember button for numbers either but trust me when I say you guys are constantly on my mind :)

Thank you guys, for being awesome people in my life.


I've only blogged 22 times this year HAHA.
and to think that I used to blog once every two days / everyday. Gonna blog more often from now on :))

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