Sunday, March 27

Future career.

Remember exactly one year ago, I blogged about wanting to be a multimedia designer ? (Damn bangga last time get 9 comments, now got 0 T__T)
Yeah that was after last year's edu fair.

Honestly I still want to be a designer. Heck I know I can't draw but everyone is saying they'll teach you and you'll still be gengchao designer one day.
But I'm like, dammit I wanna earn alot of money and feel alot of sense of satisfaction. So for quite some time I was considering Actuarial Science

"Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries."

I know right, everyone's first impressions was 'WHAT ? siao ar u?' cos everyone says its freaking hard but I'm like, kinda curious about it (and also the pay is pretty awesome)
That was until one of the edu fair guys went

"Actuarial Science is one of the HARDEST courses you can find. Even though you will be able to get a really high pay after alot of years but then you have to go through a series of exams and work experience to get to that. After 5 years of uni, you go gain work experience and you have to take another 9 exams until you really become a fellow"

What the heck am I trying to get myself into right ?
I mean, what if I get married before I take all the 9 exams ? What if I take 2 exams then I get married then at the 3rd paper I got baby HOW I WANT TAKE NINE RIGHT ?
and I mean I don't need so much money if I have a rich husband right ?
Then my dad answered "Yeah thats if you get a rich husband"
I was even thinking of earning alot of money with Actuarial Science, then only I go study Graphic Designing so then I got very stable income LOL
Ok back to point one. Back to point dilemma.

I'm also considering masscom though.
There was this girl there who works as a translator at some TV station.
Other than that I can also become a journalism, script writer etc etc.
So yes, I'm pretty much still undecided. My friends are all "I've made up my mind since standard 2" and I'm like "What the heck have I been doing when I was standard 2?"

Dammit, soon I'll have to make the real decision of a life time and I'm still stuck like this.
Anyone wants to give me any advice ? Leave a comment below.
Thank you very much, have a nice day. May the sun shine on you and uhm God Bless You :)


Ee said...

Journalist suits u more. Go be programme host like Ho Chiak and beat ah xian down!

bendan said...

Aww~ I hate when comes to choose and make a decision. *sigh*

Anyway, think well and no regrets. =]

Mich said...

haha .. you know, that happens tome too ! at first, i decided i want to be something, then realize it ain't easy, then something else, then realize it's not what i really want..i ended up in form ! But i really think you should go after something you're really into because that's actually what u might be doing for the rest of your life or else you get a rich husband..haha ! Maybe masscomm and hit PR ? you'll have chance to meet with loads of people hehehe ~ all the best, happy choosing =)

Sydney said...

damm im still confused here -.-

go be a writer! :) all the best!

Shuwen said...

@ee Like that must come back Malaysia leh !
@bendan thanks ! I hate making decisions like these too :/
@mich yeah I'm also thinking between masscom and PR. haha ! Must find a job that has stable pay also maa XDD You still in form 6 now ?
@sydney thanks !

Aik said...

I love reading your posts. So, yeah, you'd do well as a designer or writer.

FreedomBird said...

Youu was still playing with barbie dolll when ur standard 2. Especially using barbie dolls cry to wake someone up from their sleep =]