Food for skin.

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I totally freaked out yesterday when I noticed little bubbles around my eyes.
Hell no am I gonna take a picture of my defective skin around my eyes and post it for the whole world to see but I suppose they're oil bubbles and I suppose to only way to remove them is through surgery. There weren't any at all last year !

Not only have I gain weight, now my skin condition is worsening too and I need help. Anyone knows how to get rid of these bubbles ?

Okay so as the title says, food for skin.
I used to have pretty flawless skin despite a few pimples sometimes and heck my face is supah chemical free so its pretty freaky to have stuff on my face thats not supposed to be there T_______T So here's a blog post to share about whats good for your skin :)

#1 Water.

Start your day off, no not with breakfast but with a glass of water. Go to the toilet before you go out and keep your body toxic-free all day ! Its essential to drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water everyday and you know whats best ? Zero calories LOL

#2 Nuts
Vitamin E in Almonds are like skin's biggest saviour.
Okla maybe not biggest but yeah maybe second biggest or something but don't forget not to overeat ! Nuts are generally high in calories.

#3 Salmon

One of my favourite food EVAAAR. Fish fats are supah good for the skin. If you find Salmon a little too over your budget you can always eat cod liver oil tablets !

#4 Green Tea
Who knew right ? No wonder Japanese all got so pretty skin !
Green Tea can rejuvenate skin cells, soothe acne and even lighten your skin. Can throw SKII go buy green tea liaao.

#5 Low Fat Yogurt
Not the coloured ones with sugar added but the all natural sour yogurt.
When the container says "Strawberry yogurt, low fat, less sugar", it usually means "Yeah we used to put in 10 teaspoons of sugar but now we've cut down to 9"
Opt for non flavoured ones. If you don't like it sour, you can always add in fruits or honey.

#6 Berries
Bluberries, strawberries, raspberries, all of them are rich in antioxidant. These are like natural sunblocks protecting your delicate face from the sun so get buying ! Korean strawberries are the best by the way. I'm not being unpatriotic but Cameron Highland's strawberries are as sour as uhm, sourplum. (Is that even sour?)

#7 Pork skin
Ok google pictures of pork skin kinda geli so no pictures for this.
I'm NOT a pork eater. I don't even think I qualify to be Chinese since I don't like rice. Or pork. The only part of a pig I eat is the skin.
The crispy pork skin on top of a roasted pork is filled with collagen.
I'm freaking serious. Even Shim Changmin from TVXQ says so ! Just don't forget to scrape off all the extra fats underneath.

#8 Avacado

The best way to eat an avocado :
Dig out all the flesh and put it on some plain Jacob biscuits. Go try and you'll know !

#9 Salad

Salad minus the Thousand Island dressing, mayo or crispy bacon. Those are just extra calories and harm to your body. Instead of those dressings filled with fat, try adding some garlic and onions topped off with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Ok I really want to make a #10 but I can't really think of any now.
So yeah I hope this helped you so throw those chemicals away ! You don't need them :)

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