Thursday, February 3

Reunion Dinner

Honestly, Chinese New Year this year doesn't really feel like Chinese New Year. Less relatives are coming back and the CNY holidays are too short. To make things worse, its smack in the middle of the raining season. T___T Nevertheless, family pwns all :)
Now all thats missing is more family *hints Dao and Yi*
I shall let the pictures do the talking :D

Reunion Dinner by the tennis court.

Even Peanut is in the CNY mood.

and no my tee wasn't falling off, its made like that.
And OH ! Today I flipped into Seventeen mag and I saw the exact same Roxy shorts selling at RM189.90 at the retail stores. Funny thing was, I bought that for 2USD LOL.

Fire crackers are banned in Malaysia.
but Malaysia Boleh.

Santa Claus of CNY

Peanut and his new friend - Wang Wang
btw Peanut is now "Hua Sheng" for CNY ._____.

Anticipating the arrival of the New Year.
This year is definitely gonna be good. It rained SUPER HEAVILY after our reunion dinner and stopped RIGHT BEFORE 12. SEE.

Hope everyone have an awesome year ! May everyone be healthy and wealthy.
As for me, I hope I somehow turn as cute as a bunny so that I can have a very handsome boyfriend and I will get like 11A1s in SPM and uhm have like non-stop pocket money and uhm MORE BLOG VISITORS

am just kidding about the being cute and have handsome boyfriend. I have a new year resolution to keep. Gonna go do more gambling now. BYE :)


Qi Wen 绮文 said...

hey there.. Happy Chinese New Year! cute dog =D

Adrian said...

OMG!that firecracker so long wan! :) LOL (last second picture) lol

Mich said...

amazingly long firecracker.......
happy CNY to you =)

chenlin said...

Wow, tennis court + swimming pool beside your house? This is
Btw, Love your last pic and HAPPY BUNNNY YEAR! May you have a gr8 year ahead:]

Shuwen said...

@Qi wen thanks ! :D
@adrian yaaa, its like 3 of the long ones combined together XD
@Mich Happy CNY to you too !
@chenlin HAHA no swimming pool la ! Tennis court only :) Have a great year too ! Happy CNY :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Yr Hua Seng is so cuteeeee! :D and wow at the really long firecrackers! Happy CNY!