Pre - CNY

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Forget the title, this is just a random update to prevent my blog from dying of lack of visitors.

Just kidding, writing to gain visitors has just got boring, I'm gonna write to express from now on :)

Update :

Recently I baked Gingerbread cookies and they tasted AWESOME.
I BAKED THEM MYSELF WILLINGLY *grins* but then it was from a box which has all the ingredients in it already. All I have to do was mix, shape and bake but STILL IT WAS AWESOME.

and cute too LOL. There were also frostings and edible paint for kids to color but because the box of ingredients has already expired for uhm...2 years, mum threw them away. LOL

Ok just kidding, I was FORCED to bake them cos they were expired for 2 years already.

Recently also I have been editing again. Even though the lack of inspiration but still. After designing the Interact coupons now I have to think of the school magazine which is giving me the creeps.

For a friend who desperately wants to be Bruno Mars

and my baby's baby :)
Ok exaggerating, not his baby actually cos Peanut peed on him ==

I have been hogging on Korean dramas so much that I don't have time for anything else LOL
For the love of Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers, I watched Personal Taste
Will probably write about that later, the movie was.. so-so

but seriously, who can resist ? :)

Cinderella's Stepsister
Love the plot but damn the actress on the lower right is SO ANNOYING, totally makes me hate the drama all together. Thankgoodness they have Moon Guen Young and Taecyeon from 2pm to save the whole drama.

For the love of Moon Guen Young,
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Love Jang Guen Suk's acting here

and for the love of world hottest dude flashing six packs Ok Taecyeon from the Korean band 2pm, I'm on
I'm only on episode 7 but I can say this drama is gonna be the BOMB. I'm not saying this cos Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2pm are in it, I'm not saying this cos I think the T-ara girl is acting but because heck this is REALLY GOOD. Its like.. uhm Glee the Korean. LOL

I know I sound like I'm watching dramas cos I want to see more actors but NO THATS NOT IT. End.

Last but not least, I'm sick T____T like right before CNY.

Thank goodness I have a mother who stores magic pills in the little drawer of hers.
I just found something I'm really good at !
Yesterday out of boredom I counted the pills I've been swallowing for the past idkhowmany years and I found out that...


Not that its what I should be proud of but wah I feel so good at it la. Are there any professions that require swallowing pills ? LOL

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