Mary Stayed Out All Night Review.

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This drama is about a girl, Wi Mae-Ri (played by Moon Geun Young) who has a failed business man as a father, Wi Dae Han. She is constantly chased down by debtors and lives a pretty hard life. Despite all that, she has always been cheerful and bubbly. (She also has amazing curly hair that I would die for.) While escaping the debtors one day, Dae Han was rescued by an old friend of his, Jung Suk who is a rich business man and also a guy who has had a major crush on Mae Ri's late mother. He then pays off Dae Han's debt with only one condition, that Mae-Ri marries his son Jung-In. Desperately, Mae-Ri begged Moo Kyul (played by Jang Geun Suk), an indie band leader whom she accidentally hurt in a car accident to pose as a her husband but things get complicated when Jung-In proposes a 100-day period in which she has to divide her time equally between the two boys after which she has to decide who to marry.

[Spoiler alert]

Its kinda obvious who she would choose at the end of the 100 day lor .__.
This would be a drama where fans of Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young would love.
I mean, everyone loves cute couples.

Not forgetting the hot-indie-rockstar who has even prettier hair than his girlfriend.

but then, when a drama doesn't make you sacrifice hours of sleep just to finish it all,
you know its not as good as everyone says it is.

I'm gonna start with things I didn't like about this drama.

#1 Its too far from reality.
I don't think ANYONE'S dad would force his son to marry a girl he has never known, let alone his crush's daughter. I mean what the heck ?
And I don't think any dad would sell off his own daughter just because his friend helped him pay off his debts. I mean Dae Han, Mae-Ri's dad emphasized over and over that he's not trying to sell off his daughter but it still seems like it. and oh yeah, I still don't get it how you can get married without signing the marriage papers yourself.

#2 Annoying dad
He cries. EVERY TIME he talks about his late wife, Mae-Ri's mum. Annoying much ?

#3 Problem with his ex girlfriend
Say hello to Kang Moo Kyul (indie rockstar)'s ex girlfriend who acts as a famous actress in the drama, Seo Joon. After her breakup with Moo Kyul, she has had SO MANY BREAK DOWNS.
Like after a major break down, she'll come back up being semangat and all and then few months later, ANOTHER MAJOR BREAK DOWN.
Just looking at her mood swings makes me wanna have a mood swing also ok.

Not only that, she's always with Moo Kyul's band mates, drinking in the same very public bar and nobody really gives a shit.
But then when she wants to talk with another actor, she has to be all secretive, talking in a hidden carpark or something. As if rumors only surface between celebrities.

Moo Kyul's bandmates and Mae-Ri's friends (who hang out together way too much) gets drunk. ALOT. Half of the time they're around, they're drunk.
Oh yeah, did I mention ? At one scene, these bandmates handcuffed Moo Kyul and Mae-Ri together cos the friends thought they needed to talk. Turns out it happened right before Mae-Ri's engagement dinner.

I lost count on how many times Mae Ri's dad went to Moo Kyul's place to tell him not to date his daughter. I also lost count of the number of times Mae Ri ran away with Moo Kyul.


This guy is Mae-Ri's fiance, Jung In.
Rich, handsome, nice, Mae-Ri doesn't like him.
but thats not the point. I spent my whole 16 hours pitying this guy. He owns an entertainment company and needs funds to produce an upcoming drama (which Seo Joon, Moo Kyul's ex is working in) and the only place he can get his funds are from his dad.
Because of these funds he is willing to sacrifice himself and marry Mae-Ri.

When Seo Joon has mood swings and doesn't want to work on the drama,
Its his fault.

When Mae Ri doesn't like him and his dad tells him he MUST marry her,
Its his fault.

When Mae Ri runs away with Moo Kyul or go on secret dates together
Its his fault.

When his dad does something inhumane to Moo Kyul,
Its his fault.

When Mae Ri's dad is mad
Its his fault.


Overall, I would rate this drama 5/10.
If it wasn't for the hot indie rockstar, Jang Geun Suk or my love for Moon Geun Young, I wouldn't be able to finish this drama but well, if you're a fan of Jang Geun Suk and you wanna see cute and super petty fights, then yeah go on :)

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