Hatred kills.

by - 11:48:00 AM

Okay before I start with my CNY posts, which isn't very interesting since this CNY hasn't been very interesting, I would like to blog about someone.

No names will be mentioned, don't even ask :)

Recently, on (insert social network service website), I saw this girl typing ALOT of stuff.
I used to envy this girl. She had a boyfriend whom I've had a crush on for YEARS, she was pretty, she was smart, she has good BM and mine sucks etc etc

but that was two years ago.
After reading stuff she wrote, I couldn't help myself but pity her.

Now all I see in her is hatred.

Yah, like emo kid who cannot get cookie.

After a failed relationship, she held on to so many grudges. Everyone who talked to her ex she'll flame, scolding everyone annoying her, getting mad at totally everything.

Everyone has hated before, everyone has been mad before and everyone should probably know how it feels to be angry at everything. Exhausting.

If your boyfriend cheated on you, and you start hating every guy on earth cos you think they are not reliable, honestly, whats the point ? You're waiting for a guy like Ji Hoo sunbae in Boys Over Flowers ? Handsome, rich, will forever protect you and never ever ever ever ever hurt you ?
Mak oh gao ding la. (wait by the drain)

Boys come and go, people hurt you, people leave you, its part of life. Hating won't make him come back, hating won't make you feel better. Get over it.

One may forgive, but never forget. You may always remember what he did to you, so be careful who you trust next time, not block out everyone in your life and start hating everything including your phone that has no credit, your door that won't stay open, the computer that keeps on hanging cos hating doesn't help solve problems.

It only kills you more and more inside.

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