Monday, February 28


I know I've said this soo many times but,

Dammit I'm flunking this test :/

Everytime I'm convinced I understand my History, my brain kinda mixes all the facts together like jumba juice and I get... mixed facts.
I'm pretty much doomed.
I have alooot to blog abouuut and I'm gonna leave it till after test.
So thank you for spending your time reading about me rant about myself flunking Selaras 1. You is very the awesome :D

Another pointless post. T__________________T


passerby said...

erhhh instead using your effort blogging that you will flunk your sej,maybe you should use that effort to study so you wont flunk?hahah

Shuwen said...

haha i tried to continue studying but it just made matters worse. My facts mixed up so badly that I seriously did flunk today LOL