Commiting Suicide

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I must admit, I never liked to read newspapers until recently.
Recently the news on newspapers are just too amazing to not read. Like how a lady chased down a snatch thief and broke his dick. Mad amazing.

Apart from the boring politics, news about teenagers committing suicide is like my favourite topic. I will be totally engrossed to articles about that.
I wouldn't say Alviss Kong started the ball rolling to this "trend" because I think there were a lot of other troubled teenagers who seeked death as their solution.
When I was a kid, whenever I hear about suicides, its all about pressure from work, studies etc etc. Now, the reason for teen suicide is simply out of "love"
I know people, who actually praised Alviss Kong for dying because of his ex-gf of FOUR MONTHS. (unintended emphasis. Not) Some people think he is a hero but then, heroes are supposed to sacrifice themselves to SAVE SOMEONE, not cause family pain and ex-gf guilt.

Even with the girl named Sally, she died due to "love".
Like I said in the Valentines' Day post earlier,

"A person who doesn't love himself first have no right to love someone else"

People like these, have no goal in life. They have no dream, no hopes.
Tell me la, if your dream is graduating from University, having adorable children, would you kill yourself ? Because I bet before a person suicides, he/she would think over and over and over again. With big dreams and hopes, one wouldn't be so willing to end his/her life easily.
Watch this video. I found it from 2PM Nickhun's twitter who wrote

"The worst thing for your future is to stop dreaming! It's never too late to start! =]"

and I agree to EVERY BIT of that setence. From the video, these old people, one has cancer, some has heart problems. If they had no dreams, things going on in their mind would be something like

"Oh whats the point of doing anything else, I'm gonna die soon anyway"
but instead of thinking like that, they went cycling around Taiwan. So now when they REALLY do die, they would have added something in their achievement list. Because they had the dream, they did not give up their lives.

People who commit suicide are also pretty selfish.
They are people who do not understand love. They are also people who watch too much drama. As a drama fan, I wouldn't deny that some scenes in dramas are very misleading.
An actor can give up his family and friends for love, because he's an actor. He doesn't live in our world but not many teenagers understand that.
They kill themselves for love, but that is not love. If a person really did understand what is love, he would be there for his family, for his friends and not abandon them just because he is suffering. Love is sacrifice, but nobody said love means sacrificing yourself.
and please. Don't compare this with Jesus. Your dying doesn't wash away anyone's sin.

So if you're someone who had suicide thoughts, please think it through.
Is it worth it to throw away your life because there are obstacles ? because there are people you can't stand ? because you think you're the only one suffering ?
Millions of people out there are fighting cancer and HIV just to save their lives and you want to throw your perfectly fine life away ?


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