Chap Goh Mei !

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I'm not really gonna blog about Chap Goh Mei. I'm gonna blog about CNY.

Actually no, I'm gonna blog about CNY AND Valentines. Hampalang mashed up into one blog post because I think I've said "I will blog tomorrow" a little too many times.

Started off my new year with Foo Chow mee suaaaa. Long mee resembles long life, long prosperity, long health and hopefully for me, long legs :/

Succeeded in gaining tons of weight and looking like a fatty.
Say hello to my daughter and Shirotan, a gift from Japan.

There, I shall sum my whole CNY in three pictures.
and here's the last one. Its what I did throughout the whole CNY. Gamble.

Valentines Day

Aiya need ask meh, I got so many presents that I didn't know where to put and my house is like surrounded with dead roses now. pfft.
LOL JUST KIDDING. Valentines Day wasn't really special.

" A person who doesn't love himself first have no right to love someone else "
So I super loved myself this year that I bought myself adorable V-day homemade cookies :)
Valentines Day wasn't really un-special. Now that I think of it, I did did something special....

Like.. I decorated my calculator with Shim Changmin of TVXQ.
I've been losing that calculator EVERY TIME I go to tuition so instead of making my mark with tons of cute stickers, I stuck a cute dude on it so no one can "accidentally" take it anymore. See ! So creative. muhahahahahaha

and lastly, a damn cute picture of a damn cute kid.


Recently I've been trying to learn Korean from dramas cos I wanna go Korea someday WITHOUT TOUR. That means I have to speak Korean.
And chances of me meeting let alone dating a Korean who will bring me to his home country is less than the chances of meeting Yamapi so I've decided to learn the language myself.

My friend who can speak + write a little Korean is kindof teaching me. Our daily conversation is something like this

Me : Choggi, igo chuseyo (Excuse me, please give me this)
Her : Andwae (Never)
Me : WAE ANDWAE ?! (Why never ?)
Her : Naan, shiro (I, dowan)
Me : Napulnom :/ (Bad jerk)
Her : Bo ? Mo ra gu ? Michinom :/ (What ? What did you say ? Crazy jerk)
Me : Jinjaa, chugeta. DOLCHU (Ish really, I'm gonna die. MORON)
Her : .....
Me : Naan........ neomu yeoppo kekekekekeke (I..... am very pretty kekekekeke)

If you can actually understand my totally-out spelling, then you can really see that I really really need a proper teacher. Can't blame la ! I can only say these since nearly every Korean drama has these conversations T_______T
So if any of you stumble upon a good website to learn Korean, or know anyone who could teach me, please CONTACT ME.
Kamsahamnida. Bai bai.

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