2nd Grandma's birthday.

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I have many grandmas therefore the title, 2nd Grandma's birthday.
There was a huge party at home. I bet it was one of the biggest my family has ever had and then I damn pandai, I didn't even take more than 50 pictures cos I was too busy talking to my friends so, sorry for the lack of pictures XDDD

Half of the event. I can kinda imagine how my wedding garden party would be LOL.

My house was seriously bustling with people.
My backyard instantly turned into Dae Jang Geum

These two stayed over. So many people asked where I got a white friend.
She's my classmate exchange student from Germany, everyone say hi to Julia :)

Julia meeting Kong Cho Ha.

Dad at the Karaoke machine singing the only Chinese song he knows LOL.

1/10 of the extended dad family and the birthday lady :)

Bro and grandma (please ignore flipflops)
Everytime I look at this picture I feel a wave of satisfaction.


I have like money saved up to buy a domain but because I'm losing my interest in blogging I'm not buying the domain yet but I'm probably planning to buy it soon.
A stranger from my town sent me message saying "Hi.. it's nice to meet you! I am from Nan Hwa and I love your blog !" and he's a complete stranger !
Haha if you're reading this, I seriously appreciate that okay ! (: (:

Recently I've been saving money for simply everything.
My shopping list includes..

#1 Pencil case
I'm so fustrated with my small but pretty pencil box and I've considered getting this.

Wanted this for 2 years but it was too expensive. If I don't find another love I'll probably end up loving this :/

SUPERR in love with this. The only problem is, its too small. I need a pencil case huge enough to even fit my calculator. For future purposes :/ Dilemma again.

#2 Bags !

THIS. is so pretty. Problem is. I've only 9 more months to go before I graduate from highschool. Chances of me using this when I go to college isn't really high. :/ :/

So there's this ! I wanted to buy it when I saw it in America but it was a tad bit too heavy but I'm like regretting every bit of it lor ! It looks so chio right right right !

#3 Portrait lens.
I WANT PORTRAIT LENS T_________________T

Okay I'm done ranting. Selaras 1 test is next Tuesday and I haven't studied a thing.
HOWWWWW. I'm so gonna flunk.
Oh and side note : I am not a spoilt brat, I get less pocket money than most of my friends. That is why I'm SAVING. I even just sold my Ipod Touch (which is scratched and battered)

Recently I sent in an application to AFS for the exchange student programme. I can't believe I made that choice but I actually applied to go to China for a year.
The place where toilets have no doors, the place where their school uniforms are tracksuits, the place where facebook/blogspot/twitter doesn't exist.
I know right, what the heck am I doing.

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