I want to read minds.

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Most of the time, when you ask a kid what super power he/she wants, it always involves flying, saving people, travelling fast and killing/fighting people.
As a kid, my favourite super power was, to read minds.

As a kid, the main reason why I wanted this power was to read who my crush likes. Then again it would come useful when I'm taking tests and I can read the answers through my teacher's mind. SO COOL RIGHT. LOL. I even wanted to read my dog's mind to see what he thinks of me.

Even now, when I'm not 6 or 7 and I don't have major crushes on childhood besties like I had before and I know my dog loves me enough that I dont need to read his mind, I still wish this super power existed.

I know I might as well wish superman who can fly and make time reverse exists.

but I have all the different reasons, now that I'm one year away from being legal.
Just today I felt once again, how great it would be to have this power.

If I had this power, I would be able to read the minds of all my friends.
I would know all the right things to say, I would hurt less people, I would cheer more people up and I would know what my friends and family really think of me.
I posted this on facebook last night,

Thats not a lot of likes, but most of my closest friends liked it and I truly am touched. There were also alot of likes, from people I've never seen before or talked to so I was wondering, why do these people think I'm a good friend ?

Because I'm a facebook friend who posts funny stuff on facebook ?

Because you like to read my blog and I look pretty ?

or is it just because you think it would be a nice thing to do ?

Maybe one of the 21 people dislikes me but think it would be nice. Wouldn't it be awesome if I knew who hated me and who liked me ? I could avoid arguments or backstabbing or cheating !

If I had this super power, I would know what to do in an awkward situation, I could have saved so many broken hearts. I would know, how to be a better friend and daughter which I haven't really been recently.

Have you ever had a super power you really really wanted ? Leave a comment below ! :)

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