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Sorry for the mega lack of updates. I have been really busy with school and oh yeah bout time I update about America. I'm losing all my readers T__T

One of the places I went in America was Palms Spring. My dad's dream place. He says its like the playground of the rich and famous.
but to me its more of the retirement home of the rich and retired. haha !

No kidding. All you see everywhere is polite people, mowed lawns, GOLF COURSES and mountains. Super well kept. Super boring.

Proof that Palm Springs is only fit for a vacation :

#1 SO MANY GAYS OMG. They had like gay hotels and there's always one boy somewhere smooching another boy.


Swarovski Pearls for your dog. Anyone ?

And the most unbelievable.

I think these rich and bored people exists to make average people like us look bad :/

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