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I deleted the previous new year post cos I find myself immature and stupid.

Okay so 2010 just ended, I shall start my post with stuff I think worth remembering that happened in 2010 !

#1 Got over a guy I always thought I would last uhm forever or something. Okay immature long and stupid story. End.

#2 Slept for nearly EVERY class in school and didn't get caught. Damn pro la can !

#3 Bought myself a Beagle named Gucci.

#4 Gained 5kgs and is still failing to lose them T___________T

#5 Designed Interact coupons. SO PROOOOOO XDD

#6 Designed school magazine with junior Vicknesh and got commented for having the best magazine in Perak. SO PROOOOOO x2 XDD

#7 First nuffnang cheque !

#8 Travelled to Australia with travel buddy, WITHOUT PARENTS WOOHOO and walked from Melbourne Central to Flinders Station ALONE.
Its not that far actually but to me damn far la so I think quite pro and Im satisfied LOL.

#9 Had my own personal stalker.

#10 Picture with Niki Cheong ! :D

#11 Raised RM235 for charity through selling teddies and its going to be donated to a kid with brain tumour !

#12 Bought myself Namewee's album

#13 Turned ahmu T___T
but still pretty la hor ?

#14 Participated in one of the grandest funerals in town

#15 Travelled to Hanoi and met lengzai French.

#16 Travelled to Pangkore and met lengzai American. With tattoo.

#17 Pranked ALOT of people about me moving to LA. muahahaha.

#18 Attended first Interact conference

#19 Got myself DUFFY THE DISNEY BEAR who migrated from Tokyo Disney Sea to Disneyland California in October woohooo :)
So cute I wanna die instantly. Even Peanut loves him LOL

#20 Bought myself SHINee's second album repackage and is listening to it. OMG I LOVE YOU TAEMINHO. Sorry I love both so yeah.

omg tak tahan.

#21 Had my first frost bite after sledding in the snow. PAAAIN.

#22 Spent last day of 2010 in...... Oh wait I forgot. I was on the plane and because of the earth's rotation I literally skipped 31st of December so boohoo no countdown for me. and oh ya my computer crashed T____T

Last but not least, I've grown up :)

Now for my new year resolutions.
I made my new year resolutions, I wrote it all down and then someone reminded me that they were exactly the same as last year, and the year before last year but what the heck I'm positive I'm gonna keep my new year resolution this year :D

#1 Keep new year resolution. SEE ! If I break one I break two, so I wont break any.
#2 No relationships. Well if someone as hot as Taemin/Minho pops up its not my fault la but I'm pretty sure no one handsome will pop up this year.
#4 Get new domain nyehehehe :)
#5 Be myself and not get into bitch fights this year.
#6 Not curse/rant/complain too much.
#7 Write more interesting posts, I'm turning into a boring geek T__T SORRY.

OK I dowan write too much later I break one I break two. So yes.
I miss my big bro in America already.
Today I noticed, in America, when you bump into someone and you say sorry they'll always reply "Its ok, no worries" but in Malaysia, my bro bumped into someone at the airport and after he apologized the frikkin dude replied "Next time walk use eye see la" and walked off. OMG CAN I DIRECT FLY GO BACK AMERIKA NAO ?

Happy New Year everyone ! :) I know this is sooo late but aiya nevermind one la hor ? :)

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