The rich and fehmes.

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Happy 1st of December everyone LOL

Last week in KL, I got to spend time with a few private school students and I think this is like the first time I felt that the world is big and mysterious. Now the world isn't just people of different colours under a big blue sky on a huge green (or rather brown) land anymore and and suddenly rich people like Paris Hilton aren't from a different world anymore.

Its like Boys Over Flowers, OUT OF TV.

I know I damn sampat kan, like never see rich people before. Sorry la, Im from kampung, Kampung XXX.
I spent 2 days shopping with my 12 year old cousin who was searching for a pencil box and gosh, standing next to her I feel like her little sister.

When I was 12,

Gucci was a word I use when I tickle someone.

Gucci gucci gucci

And when I was 12, whenever I think of the word Juicy, I think of Oranges. Not this.
Average people don't wear FCUK or DKNY everyday ! In fact I've never even walked into any of those stores before ! Ralph Lauren and Coach is an exception, its really cheap in America.

If I hadn't went to KL last weekend, all these things would be just "Aiya only people living in Beverley Hills can do that lah! You think Malaysia got this kind of people meh?"

But now, omg there ARE people like this and there's ALOT of it. My cousin can just walk into MPH and point at a book (She's 12) and say "Oh look there's my friend on the cover, her dad does this thing and she's like blah blah blah"
and not only that, most extremely rich people look very handsome/pretty. Its like its in their genes to be good looking AND rich.

Now I'm convinced there's a guy out there named Gu Jun Pyo
BY THE WAY omg Lee Min Ho damn hot until cannot la.

SOOO in love with him :) Halfway through shopping, I actually stood in front of Etude House for about 5 minutes just to stare at this poster.

Okay sorry I'm way out of topic and I gotta go watch drama so yeah. I shall end this post with a chao-cute-until-dai picture of Peanut Roselle Von Theodore.

Bai !

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