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I've lied to everyone. The reason why I was so busy for the past few weeks wasn't because I was lazy, it wasn't also because I chose to go shopping/watch drama instead of update my blog. To all those people whom I've said I'm going on a holiday to America, I'm truly sorry.

The truth is, I'm migrating to LA.
The city of angels, hollywood, the place where fehmas people gather etc etc but right now, all I feel is regret and sadness. It won't be until next June till I return to Malaysia and I'm starting to miss my friends already.

My silly boys

and also the pretty ladies.
I will miss tuition, I will miss uhm sejarah (Tunku Abdul Rahman and all) and yes I will definitely miss

Peanut Roselle Von Theodore. He will be staying with my aunt in KL from tomorrow onwards T__T I will miss kompiang, kampuang, char koay teow and red wine mee sua.
I will miss astaka, late night mcd, slow motion, Teluk Batik (not really) and also the mosque prayer every evening near my house. (not not really)

This wasn't a last minute decision. My family had thought about this for years already. Remember the last time I went to America ? Read here
The important thing I wanted but couldn't announce was this. My family actually went there the last time to check out the future house and the neighborhood.
Honestly, I kinda like it. Its like the little kids riding on bikes and teenagers on skateboard kind of place like in the movies. Yeah.

Everything necessary is packed. We brought alot of instant noodles cos yeah my family is a fan and we would probably need that alot when we reach there.
I'll be reaaally busy for a few days, no facebook, no blogging, no twitter, no social networking. Totally no interaction for only a few days. I have to help my parents move everything.

Its really hard to let go a place I've grown up in, my hometown. The people I'm so used to hanging out with, the food I'm so used to eat and the environment I'm so used with.

but but you know whats awesome ? NO SPM MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
So yeah, my family haven't told ANYONE, except for family members until now so I'm sorry if this came as a shock to you. I know you guys will miss me and I'll definitely miss you guys too *tears* My one way ticket to America is on this coming Saturday. I don't even have the time to say goodbye to my friends properly ;(

So one last thing I wanna tell you guys whom I've grown up to love..


I'm sorry for the bluff, I'm in total sienzation. The REAL TRUTH is, I'm migrating to Australia.

Just kidding, the real REAL truth is I'm going on a holiday to LA for three weeks. I know you feel damn zha dou (or you've guessed since the start cos it was so obvious. Who migrates without telling anyone ? ==) and you've just clicked X cos you damn dulan with my bo liao-ness. SORRY OK. I need to gain more readers before I leave ma! I'm only RM3 left to my next checkout and also before I purchase domain leh ! do something before I leave ma ! Or else my blog will die of sien-ness.

SO time to go continue packing. Will update you guys when I reach LAX. BYEEE.

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