42nd District Interact Conference

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Many people used to say "Wah Shuwen, you so free one, update your blog everyday"
Well I haven't been updating alot lately so yeah I'm not very free actually LOL. I'm actually free-er during exam period. I have been travelling so crazy much that I cannot believe myself.

Five days after KL trip I had Interact Conference at Seremban and it just ended on Sunday. I've just reached home from a day shopping at Ipoh and five days later I'm leaving this country. So you see, be grateful I sacrificed sleep to blog ok ?
The Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar-nese

800+ participants at the 42nd District Interact Conference !
Date : 3-5th December 2010
Venue : Royale Bintang Resort, Seremban
"Building Communities, Bridging Continents"
Just look at the buffet line la, and there were 2 buffet lines

The 42nd Distrct Interact Conference was a little.. disappointing.
First of all I didn't really get to meet any really handsome people even though there was like 800+ interactors present.
Second of all, I guess I didn't really did much worth remembering.
Lastly, I tell you throughout the whole conference I didn't step out of the hotel once. It was TOO INDOOR and its like everyone is bound to their seats listening to the speakers.

Sienzation during talks.

I probably only remember the stuff that happened during formal night LOL.

Was Jessy's birthday so everyone took turns to wish her.
Silent Killer at 1am. Right before some Rotarians chased us to bed.
We saw these guys training for formal night performance and woah they are goood.


I damn pwn in Bingo la can muahahaha.

Formal night.
The people from Nan Hwa were performing the Wonder Boys dance again. I have the video of their practice but youtube is being a bitch to me. Their performance was heck awesomeeee.
See that guy in the middle ? Thats Kelvin, the sexiest among the sexiest. Also brother to my childhood friend Kenny whom most of you assumed to be my bf. LOL

The crowd seriously went crazy and Kelvin was soon known as the "Wonder Boy"

New friends from Sri Bestari.
We saw damn alot of celebs there also la ! There were Bruce Lee, Jay Chou (His surname is Chow and his name is Jay so he's Jay Chou)

Wilber Pan singing. He deleted me on facebook and me and my friends actually talked about him quite alot. And its not cos we're interested but because he looks like Wilber Pan and sits opposite my table ==

and oh who can forget, the Dementor lookalike. Nearly died man, thank goodness Harry Potter saved me.

Even though there were 800+ people with so many boys, I only had my eyes on ONE DUDE
Ming Dao slash Gu Jun Pyo slash Wonder Boy ; Kelvin Har :)

LOOKALIKE RIGHT? If only Kelvin isn't gay la or else I'll totally date him.


Just saying

After formal night.

The dude behind is Jeff which everyone calls Xiao Bai since he's fair. He is secretly jealous of Kelvin cos he didn't get as much attention as a Wonderboy HAHA. Kesian.

Clearly breaking the no boy-girl-same-room rule.

On the last day.
Met Kaelan ! Damn coincidence la, I saw him and thought he looked familiar. I actually ran in front of him to peek at his name tag in case I recognized the wrong person XDD Since I met him on twitter my friends calls him "Twitter". I didn't know he was president of his Interact Club !

Orange gor gor (self explanatory)
I still don't know his name and the dude with the green tie, thats Wilber Pan. pfft.

Wonderboys :D

*points at Kelvin on far left* HOT RIGHT HOT RIGHT.

I'm still mourning over the fact that this is my last picture. What the heck man *faints*

That was pretty much the end. More pictures on facebook !
I didn't really get to meet alot of people, those people whom I've seen didn't want to accept me on facebook so I think I shall just go drink some beer and mourn over my loss.
Just kidding.

So yeah, I probably won't be updating much after this and I know right this post is so Sienable that you've probably clicked X by now.

I would be busy for the next 5 days hardcore training fruit ninja preparing for my trip to America. 5 more days before I see fatty in LA !

Will be shopping for super cheap Forever 21s, Ralph Laurens and Coach! So if you need me to get anything for you just ping me alright ?

Just kidding (again). Why would I buy anything for you guys ? pfft *roll eyes*

Just kidding (again again) but seriously.
Confuse lehhhh ? muahahahaha
Gotta go to bed now ciaaao :D

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