Wedding dinner @ Marriott, Singapore.

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Heyo people ! I've just reached Malaysia after 12 frikkin hours sitting on a bus.
I tell you tak boleh tahan one, if you have the money, take the plane, ditch the bus. I had to sit 12 hours to Singapore and 12 hours back. WHAT A WASTE OF 24 HOURS :/

but the trip was totally worth it. I got to experience one of the most high class wedding dinners I've ever attended to and also meet up with long lost cousins.

One of the super long and lost cousin brothers LOL

Our serviced apartment which was arranged by the bride was smack in the middle of Orchard Road which is pretty amazing if you love shopping.

On the wedding day, we had to wake up at 5.30am to get the bride ready.
My cousin is an air stewardess and I think she's mad pretty lor !

I swear I didn't thought of that pose LOL.

The man of the house, he eats salmon everyday.

He's so important that he's in most of the wedding pictures :)

and he's being an emo boi cos his mummy is getting married.

but he's still pretty glad he gets to welcome the groom. LOL

The obstacles the groom and his brothers had to overcome

The groom's brother and his pretty sexy belly :)

How much is the bride worth ? Seriously, getting cartoon money is waaaay harder than getting real money lor !

Bicycle locked outside.

Damn sweet la can ! He was singing outside her bedroom door with the lyrics in his phone.

United !

Its not that im tiny/short, its just that they're both mad tall la !

We went shopping after that. Mad 5 floors of Forever 21 and 3 or 4 floors of Zara. If only my dad prints money. :/

Dinner at the Marriott with aunts.

Every table had its own spotlight. Cool much.

Best man, emcee and also groom's brother.

The food was fk amazing la ! We had like unagi for the first dish, abalone, scallop etc etc.

The groom not only studied in Germany, rich enough to get married at the Marriott, helps clean up the house, loves his family really much, loyal (they've been tgt for 10 years even though apart), he also plays the saxophone. I would like to photostat his qualities and plant it in more males so that men like him don't go extinct.

Congratulations to Elayna for marrying the man she loves, for having a wedding ceremony every girl would dream for and for being tall, slim, and sexy.

Okay maybe not the tall slim and sexy part but heck, if I had a husband like that, all I would have to do is go shopping everyday. Imagine that !

but yeah, I actually feel very funny to see Elayna getting married.
When I was younger she gave me this shirt and this pair of shorts and I wore them everyday until I got to fat to fit into the shirt and well, the pants got so old that it started rotting.
I also have this memory of her bringing me out with a guy (I assume its the groom since they've been together for more than 10 years already) to this pet center.

Yeah memories of her are rather vague but she was probably the nicest cousin lor ! I used to lie in her room and listen to her talk on the phone/look through her manga and I'm truly happy that she has found the man of her life :)
If one day you do drop by here and you read this, don't forget to bring your son/daughter back for cny okay ! Everyone is waiting :)

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