State Of The Arts KL 2010'

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When I first saw the advertisement on State Of The Arts KL on Advertlets, I wanted to go but I doubt my mum would let me go so I didn't even ask.
I tell you, since young I've been injected with thoughts that if you go alone to KL you'll be kidnapped, raped, killed, robbed and thrown into a jungle so you can imagine how bizarre it was when my mum gave me permission to go when I finally talked about Niki Cheong.

Before going to City Harvest Auditorium where the event was held, me and the boys met up with the girls from the Japan trip. I wanted to wake up at 8 to get ready but my frikkin phone died on me and I woke up DAMN LATE :/

Sakae Sushi before heading off to City Harvest.

I love the chop la ! Its still on my wrist XDD

I honestly didn't expect there would be so many people. It was SO CROWDED that a lot more people were left outside and had no seats.

Paul Moss in the house yo !

Daphne Iking. Loved her !

Then there was Audi Mok, which I wasn't paying much attention cos I was busy feeling excited over Niki Cheong ==

Magician slash mentalist from Zouk club. Uhh I forgot his name. :/

*screams and faints*


Harith Iskandar looking all Nescafe-ish.

Met Vince. He looks so much cuter in real life la !!

That was for State Of Insights
State of Curiosity was up next and the boys decided to leave to go shopping at Sunway Pyramid ::rolls eyes:: pfft, boys.
They didn't want to come back anymore so I had to get a taxi myself. DAMN SCARY I TELL YOU, I swear I will NEVER get on a taxi alone ever ever again.
I actually thought I was gonna get kidnapped, raped, killed, robbed and thrown into a jungle when the taxi driver stopped all of a sudden to ask some Indians for directions but everything was WORTH IT.

Paper Lady Gagas

More artwork

Thank goodness I met Lih Wern who teman-ed me throught State of Talents
YuhJiun was supposed to come to, I even got her tickets but she didn't have any transport :(

Thanks to her also I got the chance to meet Shawn Lee's girl who is her friend. I've seen her on facebook alot and SHE MAD PRETTY LA I TELL YOU. No wonder she can haz famous boyfriend T___T I oso want so prettyyyyy.

Dennis Lau OMG I LOVE HIM LA. From far he looked like..

Ethan Ruan who acted as the Violinist in Green Forest, My Home.
Or maybe all violinist got same face one hmm.

Koujee Lim, top fourth beatboxer in Malaysia.

One of the interesting talents. Poetry.

Ewin Ee performing his yoyo. He damn good i tell you !

Baby Ice Dance Crew which involved dance AND magic. Seriously something I've never seen before. They got 2nd runner up by the way.

Street drummers. Their drums are actually recycled tong tong that aunties at hawker centres use to wash their plates. One dude even played with a pair of knives. Damn cool until cannot. They got first runner up.

and omg my favourite (and the crowd's too) CHINESE YOYO
Wong Yu Junn is only TWELVE. 12 I tell you.

but look at his fans la. Practically everyone was standing and screaming while he performed.

THIS was during the encore after he was announced the champion.

Thats Danny Boy from Astro giving out the prizes.
This kid was really amazing, I used to hate all China things. From the China instruments to the Chinese language (seriously Cina in SPM sucks banyak banyak) but this kid made the Cina yoyo so UN-CINA la ! He actually made it cool not forgetting he looks pretty cute LOL.

At that point I was tempted to call the boys and say "OMG YOU CANT BELIEVE WHAT YOU JUST MISSED HAHAHAHAHA" but I'm a nice person. I seriously did not regret getting on that taxi alone lor cos if I hadn't, I would be walking around Sunway Pyramid looking at overpriced dresses instead of having the time of my life.

Emcee - Sung. Lih Wern's friend.

One of the judges - Joel.

but you know what made this day AWESOMELY SPECIAL ?

OMG OMG OMG OMG, this is gonna be my facebook profile picture for a LONG TIME. If one day Niki Cheong decides to google his own name he'll freak out when he finds my blog cos I'm one hella stalker.
He even asked me "Are you the one who kept tweeting me ?" *face palm*

not only that..

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I'm like a huge fan of his and I'm tempted to go up to him and say "OMG you know what I loved you!" but then I met his gf earlier and omg I'm like smackdown-ed, choke slammed and RKO-ed cos she was like drop dead gorgeous.

Then I also met Adam Lambert Koujee Lim.

It was REALLY fun meeting up with new people ESPECIALLY Lih Wern who knows everyone la including Shawn Lee haha

Lih Wern and Gladys
Thank you very much to Lih Wern for showing me around ! She's damn cool la can. This day totally pwns my 15th birthday as the best day of my life. HAHA.

Oh and one last thing. I saw Shannon Chow after the first session and the first thing I really wanted to say to her was like "WAH YOU SO TALL LA I WANT" but instead I blurted out "Oh I read your blog before !" and shook her hand. So pathetic T___T

As much as I want to have long slim legs, wear skinny jeans and actually fit my calves into knee high boots,

Short people still rock :)

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