Savant Art Exhibition.

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SPM just started few days ago. Nearly every 17 year old in Malaysia is getting fustrated over it. My cousin Ping Lian however, is currently busy working out his art exhibion at Malaysian Tourism Center.


My cousin Yeak Ping Lian who was announced autistic is now one of the successful international artists. He even has his own permanent art gallery near Sunway Pyramid !

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old

He is only 17 this year and he has had exhibitions all around the world including Tokyo, New York, Florida ETC.

His art is a little hard to understand but trust me it IS art. One of his drawings sold more than RM100,000. Autism

What makes his drawings so special ?
#1 It is VERY DETAILED. If he were to draw the downtown scenery of Kuala Lumpur he would draw every single detail. (refer picture above)

#2 Since he has a very short attention span, while drawing, when he gets distracted for example when he wants to eat cupcakes when drawing, he will subconciously draw a cupcake on the drawing. Later when he reverts his attention back, he will just start drawing over the cupcake.

Collectors say this is one of his best drawings.

Another one -- Sunset in KL. Supposedly drawn for my mum who loves sunsets

He is fehmes also ! Look at the guy in white, he was the guy on TV few years back. Gary from the Lingo Show according to him, and the guy next to him is... some politician LOL

He is even featured in the American English textbook as a subject for comprehension ! I thought only people like P Ramlee and Tunku Abdul Rahman can do that leh !

Everything he has now is the hardwork of his mother who single-handedly raised him. She was the one who discovered his talent, the one who patiently sat next to him when he blabbered nothingness, she is the only person who understand how he actually feels.

and this is my mother who bought this drawing for RM X800.
She wanted to buy TWO drawings but while considering, the other drawing was purchased by another person. Thats how laku his drawings are.

So for all you artsy people out there, it wouldnt hurt to go visit his exhibition from 25th November to 30th January at MaTic ! According to the politician or something, to promote art as a tourist attraction, they are also promoting Ping Lians art during the Year End Sale !

Like my mother said :
If you dont buy now, it will be too expensive to buy few years later. Even if you have the money, it could have been bought by someone else.

so go visit the exhibition one day and grab one for yourself !!


Oh heyo I iz in Kuala Lumpur and I iz bored ! Anyone else in KL ? :)

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