Reasons to choose Google Chrome over Firefox

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I've always been a Firefox user, I mean Firefox is COOL

I always loved the fire around the fox around the globe it looked so cool la and I always used to defend Firefox when my friends told me Google Chrome was better until recently..

Reasons to choose Google Chrome over Firefox

#1 Google Chrome has pretty themes.
I'm sorry la but when I do something I like it to be pretty. Like when you give me a pink sock and a black sock I'll like jogging with the pink sock more.

Ignore half my blog template pls but woots I love the theme la, its all vintage and stuff and the best thing is, I didn't have to wait for a few minutes for it to be downloaded, then another few minutes to be loaded and I didn't even have to close my browser like in Firefox.
Plus they're all so preeeddyyyyyy
Plus plus, they don't have 234789323890 confusing buttons on the tab. They just give you a star, and a screwdriver. SO MUCH EASIER TO UNDERSTAND !

#2 Blogger just got easier to use
I don't know if its just me but when I used blogger in Mozilla Firefox, I've always had a problem with the Bold and Italics function. Like, when I want to bold something they won't let me bold it and when I wanna unbold something they bold it. Geddit ?

#3 Google Chrome is faster.

Firefox cheat one, when I watched youtube earlier, even when its finished loading, the video still chops. I was watching Dennis Lau's performance somemore. Imagine having to see Dennis Lau's image stop ever 5 seconds. Fustrating !

Plus, I'm someone who likes to open 23487962349032 tabs at once. I just can't work with one ! And look how many tabs Google Chrome lets me open without hanging/lagging ? :)

#4 Google Chrome doesn't abandon you when you give it too much work.
EVERYTIME I upload pictures on facebook using Firefox, I have to upload 10 at a time ONLY. If I upload more, Firefox crashes.
Its not that I don't treat my firefox well you know ! but my Firefox so LCLY that Idk what to do with it except change to Google Chrome :(

#5 Google Chrome has good memory

Waiha, damn good stalker, can remember everywhere I go. I don't have to go to the taskbar and search for history like in Firefox.
Side note : The theme damn pretty right ! Omg I know. It makes me love Google Chrome so much more *draw hearts*

Okay you get my point. Firefox WAS great one time before but now Google Chrome pwns ! Muahahahahahahaha.
If your Firefox is bugging you to upgrade, ditch it laa, get Google Chrome cos if you don't update Firefox, it sucks. If you update Firefox, it still sucks.

Firefox very CMI now.

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