Wednesday, November 10

NameWee's first album !

Mr postman dropped me something today.
Heck yeah I bought a NameWee album complete with his signature and his huge ass gangsta face in the middle LOL

I know many hate him, but for some reason, I lovee him :)
I'm a kiamsiap person and spending RM40 for an original album to me is a total waste of money but I'm glad I bought this !
But I'm glad I bought this !

It could've been better if it didn't come with this.

Yeah one of my favorite song performed by NameWee was banned by KDN.

But still I'm glad it wasn't another disappointment like all the other things.
I might not be able to attend State Of The Art KL after all, since there's some family problems that needed to be taken care of.
I've REALLY been looking forward to SOA KL, its EVERYTHING on my mind recently and now something like this pops up and theres a chance I don't get to go.

:/ Seriously, 2010 is not a very good year.


thomas said...

Oh!The talented Namewee have finally came out with an album.
I think this will be the right place for him to express his thoughts and feelings as a M'sian,minus the bad words,i hope.

TOLANIC said...

I don’t like him.

Nic Da Nic said...

err...sometimes, i feel his music taste is different from other people. He's trying to show that he can sing actually. However, the racist remark that he made is apart of his publicity and I can't comment much because that is his choice for doing that sharing his thoughts and opinions as a Malaysian .However, I still feel, his tone is not suitable for pop and love songs. More to rock and rap. I will listen to his song when I am free to hear..Thanks for sharing his first album.