Kipling @ Year End Sale !

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I love handbags I love handbags I love handbags.
THERE ! I just declared my love for all handbags.
but do you know what comes perfectly with handbags ?

Its the time of the year again when I see red everywhere and this time its not on my report card ! Year End Sales are finally hereeee :)

So yes, I got myself Kipling handbags yesterday cos there was like 50% and 60% off.
Usually if theres not sales Kipling would be mad expensive, my mum even compared the price with Prada, which I think its just bullcrap. Kipling is highly overpriced.


From the Basic Solid Collection.
I couldnt find the exact colour name on the website but its between light green and light blue. Something like.. light turqoise LOL
I loveee the colour but if I were to use it, I would probably ruin it in like... a day but thankgoodness it can be washed as it is made up from Water Resistant Nylon.
(ignore muscular calves and fat thighs pls)
Can be used as a sling bag and and the furry Orang Utan is named Eva ! This was 50% in Parkson, its pretty huge and can fit my dSLR, would be perfect for travelling.

From the Sport Intense Collection

This looks abit more matured and sporty. It is made from fabric, unlike the previous one this is made from cotton, nylon and polyester fabric. It cant be washed so I got a darker colour. This was for 60%.
It is sooo soft that I wanna hug it to sleep. Just saying.
Its smaller than the previous one but it can still fit my dSLR, just less stuff (and heavier too)

Not only that,
They switched furry Orang Utan to Robot Monkey ! Cool much ! Now I can haz robotron Monkey which is hard and muscular like my future husband muahahahaha.

Out of two I had to choose one but I ended up buying both cos mum wanted to get a gift for someone therefore I have MORE TIME to drool over both bags and choose one.
I requested to mum that I want both but aih, greed never wins so I chose Sport Intense reason mainly because I have on Basic Solid already.

Just that its so much smaller than this one.

and the colour was pretty, until I ruined it ;(
Yes I am a dirty person and if I get the turquoise one, I will be throwing money away.
OH and there is one con. You gotta polish the metals as it would lose its shine and will look ugly and rusty. Other than that.. loveeeee :)

If you are a Kipling fan, dont forget to go get your own in Parkson now ! Mad cheap for Kipling la ok ! They have up till 60% :D
Off to go for more shopping Bai !

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