State Of The Arts KL

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Hello ! The holidays are starting soon FINALLY.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I really don't have the time or internet *glares at telekom*
So anyway, State Of The Arts KL will be held on the 17th Nov at the City Harvest Auditorium in Subang Jaya. Its something like an art festival from 2pm to 10pm.

I don't really know about it but it sounds interesting, and what attracts me most is there'll be 5 speakers and among them are

Niki Cheong aka The Bangsar Boy

and Harith Iskandar, a stand up comedian.
picture credits : Google
I've always admired Niki Cheong, he's like an inspiration or something, so omg of course I wanna go. I even purposely pushed foward my Singapore trip just to attend this event.

Read more about it : HERE

and whats better, there are still 120+ free tickets HERE

I've registered for my ticket, planned how to go ETC ETC but I still have ONE PROBLEM

I don't have anyone to go with me

I know I know, I get to socialize with people if I don't go with someone I'm close with cos then I won't stick to one person only BUT THEN, my parents scared I kena kidnap/rape/rob.

So yeah, going with someone I know would prolly be better. :/ ANYONE ?

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