Boy with brain tumour

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This is a real life story

There is a little boy who is only fourteen, form2.
Recently he found out he had a brain tumor.
It wouldn't be THAT BAD if he hadn't lost his father few years ago in a car accident.
It wouldn't be THAT BAD if his mother didn't sell soya bean for a living and had to give up her job to take care of him.
It wouldn't be THAT BAD if he hadn't had 4 more siblings.

He needs all the help and money he can get his hands on.
Curing brain tumor is not an easy task, getting the money for his chemo is an even harder task. He needs money for chemo and his family needs money to survive.

Therefore, Teddy Donate has decided to share some love
red love

When Teddy Donate finally reaches RM200 (hopefully soon), every cent will be given to him.
He is someone in Sitiawan, so it would be a direct donate. It would be easier too.
Really big thankyou to those people who bought/deciding to buy from Teddy Donate. I know, RM200 is really little but I believe it can make a difference.
Even if its jus RM200, I believe it can put a smile on his face.

If anyone not in Sitiawan wants to donate, you can always email and for those who don't want to donate money, you can always contribute second hand teddies to teddy donate.

Once again, thankyou all for the support,

xo shuwen;

BY THE WAY SCHOOL MAG IS OUT and I'm not in school today :/
I'm not a bad person, I didn't want to skip school, I've had so many plans for today but I'm stuck in KL ! but omg I love KL can I not go back ? :)

oh and BY THE WAY AGAIN, how'dya like my new template ? *grins* has just gone green ! or turquoise... or blue.. or whatever this color is.

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