The big TWO OU.

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When I was a kid I used to hate my name, my weight, my height, my face.
Somehow I wanted everything to fall in place like this

Yeah but then I grew up to love myself but this post isn't about me,
Its about that pretty lady you just saw in the picture and yes she's holding the mini macbook that Apple just released. HAHA I BET YOU HADN'T HEARD OF IT RIGHT ? So outdated la you.

First of all,


My sister had always been the prettiest lady ever. To me, she's so pretty that she pwns Megan Fox badly. I'm serious.

Since young, she had always been the sensible one, the matured one, the hardworking one etc etc whereas I fail to bear any responsibility given to me LOL.

This picture somehow shows it all.

I still remember when we were kids we used to quarrel ALOT. I used to sleep with her and she'd always land her super heavy thigh on me when I'm about to sleep and when I ask her to move her leg she'll be like "SLOOOOOW MOOOTIOOOON" and it would take her 5 minutes just to get her leg off me. (I secretly used to like it cos it actually made me feel closer to her)

and I know my sister hated me cos I was the fattest cry baby ever. She used to say even though I might have a high IQ, I have no EQ at all. My sister and my cousins used to bully me, lock me up in a room just to make me cry but everytime when they bully me, I can hear my sister tell someone "Eh too far la.. don't play d la"

When we were young she used to be ALWAYS mad at me. She was mad at me when I gave her an eraser and I wanted it back. She was mad when I stole her sticker (Well my dad was mad too so yeah..). She was mad, like FRIKKIN FURIOUS when I accidentally deleted her sweet sixteen birthday party pictures but omg I'm so glad that everything is alright now.

Things have changed so much but I've always loved her and will always do.
She has always been such a motivation. She's hardworking, she knows what she wants, she works for what she wants and I believe one day she WILL get what she wants.

Time REALLY flies and now my big sister is twenty.
It actually scares me how fast time flies. I actually worry what would happen if my sister gets married, moves away, have kids and we don't see each other anymore, not even once a year. She's a really important part of me and seriously, no one can take her place.

Yiwen Ling is and forever will be,

the best sister anyone could ever ask for.
I love you sis and I hope you have a really awesome birthday. :)

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