Best school magazine in Perak.

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After a year of non-stop hardwork, headaches, deadlines, corrections, confirmation, inspiration, creativity, discussions, running around, editing, writing, typing, searching,

The school magazine is finally published !

After publishing our magazine, we had a celebration at Foos Steak House (:

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Everyone excluding Najla and Daniel.

My awesomest graphics and layout junior :)

The photographers.
I guess the biggest difference in this year's mag are the pictures, aiya what to do, EB members getting richer and richer, everyone can afford huge ass cameras.


Teachers, I won't know how to progress without them !

Awesomest teacher ever ! :)

Prettiest superwomen ever ! *grins*

We went through blood, tears and sweat together.

NAH i'm exaggerating. Well not exactly considering the fact I accidentally cut my wrist in the EB room and it started bleeding, we ran around the school alot sweating and I think I've cried in the EB room before LOL.

Anyway, it was hard at times, classes got really hard to cope with and ALOT of fustration when creative juices stop flowing. It gets hard also when someone screws up some info and we all get the wrong info, or when we don't get enough advertisements.

If you think producing a magazine like this is easy, think twice. These people put it so much effort to make it look pretty and at the end of the day -- Satisfaction, it was all worth it. I'm glad I joined the Editorial Board in the first place.

A published magazine, RM 12. Time spent with these people, PRICELESS.

PPD says we have the best magazine in Perak !
Come on people, who's up for best in Malaysia ? :)

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