ALMOST like CNY in November.

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What was almost like Chinese New Year in November ?

My grandmother's funeral.

I know I should be mourning and feeling sad BUT, this funeral is one of the rare ones where people rejoice. Rejoice that my grandmother has finally lived her life to the fullest, is finally free from all the sufferings, the last of her generation.

My grandmother passed away peacefully at the age of 103.

To be exact she's 97, according to the lunar calendar she's 98 but since she's already so old she adds like 5 years into her age (Cina thing, I don't really get it either) and her funeral was all RED

This is also one of the rare occasions where the whole LING family gather at one place.

I have a HUGE family and in the above picture, I know less than 30% of them.

The family tree in Sin Chew. So now you see :)

Another family tree.

Spot my name spot my name ! :) Oh yeah btw I'm a step-grandaughter.
She's like my dad's step mother so yeah.

What makes the Ling family so special ?

I have more than 10 uncles and all of them are involved in construction.
Theres an uncle who does aluminium, another who's dealing with metal etc etc and my dad is a developer. LOL I used to see my uncle's name on my school toilet's door cos he made it or something. Its just weird.

I have SO MANY cousins. This is like a line of 48 grand daughters. Heck.

The Ling family has the botak trademark. Once you reach 20 you'll go bald near the top.

Most boys in the Ling family has names starting with "Dao"
So yeah if you know anyone in Sitiawan with "Dao" as the middle name, he's probably related to me. I even have a cousin named "Dao Shuai" which means Dao handsome. LOLOL.

My family very atas cos got fehmas ppl come visit my grandma during her funeral wake. HAHA. JUST KIDDING, I don't really know which politician that is but I know he's the Ngeh guy from the rocket one..... i think.

All Lings are cute. NEHH LIKE ME LORRRRR
Just kidding,
but seriously.


And also the Lings are fehmes ! We is on newspapers ! Muahahaha.
My grandma is like the mother of FIVE generations and has like 700+ descendants.
Cool much ? but this is probably the last time the WHOLE family is gathered at one place so yeah.. Even though everyone is still all smiles, we'll still miss grandma.

I'll always remember the way she asks me "Who are you ?" every five minutes and also the way I use to pretend I understand her even though I don't. We speak a different language.
RIP Grandma, you'll always be in our memory :)

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