Friday, October 22

What were you when you were 12 ?

Today, I was facebooking, looking at random people on facebook when I found some profiles of a bunch of girls and I was exclaiming to my brother about how lala those girls were and he replied "Oh, they're from my school, they're my age"

I don't know whats scarier, the fact that they are SUPER lala or the fact that my fatty brother is 12. TWELVE.

Homaigosh seriously, they wear fake eyelashes, they put more make up than Avril Lavigne, they edit EVERY SINGLE picture of theirs, they curl their hair and dress like they just got back from a night out clubbing. I feel pretty stupid now cos I don't know how to use an eyeliner and I don't polish my nails whereas 12 year old kids now goes everywhere with makeup.

I mean its not a problem if you want to be pretty la ! Every girl has the right to make herself look pretty but then, this world is changing just TOO FAST.

When I was 12, all I ever cared was
How to train up my pikachu to pwn MewTwo

Watch Disney Channel everyday and dream that I'm Goofy.

Play with my teletubbies

and party at the poolside (sink) with my sexy girls (Barbie).

At that time, I didn't even touch any phones, the only phones I actually know existed were my mum's phone, dad's phone, bro's phone, sis's phone and my house phone.
There were definitely nothing called Iphone

I spend my time collecting soft toys instead of make up. I have no idea what face moisturizer or eyeliner or toner does. All I know is I have to rush home and pia my pokemon.

What has the world become. What interesting stuff did you guys do when you guy were 12 ? Not trying on make up and short shorts right ? Leave your comments in the comment section below !

Oh and by the way, if you think I used to be a lucky 12 year old having so many pretty bears, then YOU'RE IN LUCK.
because, I'm selling EVERY TOY YOU SEE IN THIS BLOG POST and to make things better, I'M DONATING EVERY SINGLE PENNY TO CHARITY. (excluding the iphone and the goofy hat)

I've been asthmatic since birth and I can't really play with my bears. Therefore most bears that people give me are kept in the cupboard for display only. Therefore, most of my toys are brand new. Some are still in their package and with tags on.

You may think I'm stupid and no one will buy second hand toys, but oh how wrong you are. I don't really care if I can sell everything. My main purpose is to get rid of the toys and donate some money to kids who need them.

You may also think that I should just donate all my toys to charity instead of going one big round selling them then donating the money but problem is, if you're dying of leukemia, would you want some soft toys to cheer you up ? Or would you want money for your medical bills ?

So pick your toy from this picture ! Will post up one by one when I finally have my blogshop :) For more details, you're welcome to contact me at or leave a comment below :D Thank you very much ! This post ran really out of topic HAHA.


Hilda Milda™ said...

I truly agree! Kids nowadays are srsly unbelievable!

ken said...

when i was 12, i study for UPSR! :D

Anonymous said...

sellin everything, including your dslr? hahaha

Miki said...

I so agree with the make up and all..sighs..generation difference ><

juz the other day, i saw a lil gal (ard age 4-5) wearing hotpant and heels! O.O

Bryan thing said...

naicee. but too bad i dont need the stuffed toys yet. :D

Shuwen said...

@Hilda YES. homaigosh.
@anonymous whoops NO, I said TOY (:
@miki woah hot pants and heels... I don't even wear hot pants and heels and I'm 16 T__T I feel so belakang
@bryan LOL, nvm i wait until you get married and have kids.

Feather Fansey said...

woah!! so many toys!!
when i was 12.. i played outdoor games ~ :(
so don't have much toys~
but i have a barbie doll xD

Philip Khor said...

actually pemang people DO buy used toys. sad right?

Natasha Ting said...

haha when I was 12, I didn't know what I was doing all day. Go school playing with friends and coming home and sleep. That's all. hahaha. I don't even own more than 3 skirts including school uniform!

Mich said...

totally agree with you! kids nowadays are so scary that sometimes, i wonder what are their parents doing..>< as for me...12 years old ME, once i got home from school~ STICK to cartoon network and sometimes msn. nowadays are no more innocent little thing.

Jessie Ang said...

totally agree with the make up thing...i once saw a girl on facebook with like super thick make up and i thought she's older than me..who knows she's only 13!gosh!but as for nail polish..i've been polishing my nails since 13 or 12 i think..xD

Shuwen said...

@feather woow haha ! I never used to go outdoors XD
@philip i dont really understand your comment XD
@Mich haha ! yeah i know, I watched disney and CN but then cartoons now aren't as good as it used to be :(
@jessie HAHA yeah actually the nail polish is exceptional. I used to paint my nails when i was 5 too haha !

Chuen said...

totally agree! kids nowadays grow up too fast and its scary. I see 12 or 13 year old kids carrying DSLR's and i was like wtf!

When I was 12, I was just having tuition classes, TV or neopets xD

[rin] said...

omfg stuff toys!

smart girl, to do this for charity (:

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

when i was 12, i had to build my own tree house! :D

ph1l1p said...

hi nanged this..when i was 12, i can cook?

yinkoon said...

When I was 12. I hope I can one day escape the city life and work on something with water, fish since I know fish stay in water... I kinda get that wish but it was not fish.

thomas said...

Kids in the future will be even worse.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Waaaaaa so many stuff toys, still 12 years old meh you? LOL Kidding.

iichan said...

when i was 12, the only thing that i cared was leveling up my digimon and pokemon :P

beginner .......... said...

hi shuwen... when Wenn was 11 y/o, I learnt how to ride motorcycle!! naik bukit, turun bukit, pusing2 pokok! haha!!
when Wenn 12 y/o, can't remember much as my 12 y/o era wasn't so exciting like those girls who putting all the mascara eyeliner lipstick on their face.. h0h0..
and only at the age of 25, Wenn applying all those things on her ugly face... hahaha!
but Shuwen, I do envy with u, for all those soft toys... during My childhood, I only have 2 soft toys which are duck and bear... blerghhh... If i am a kid now, drooling looking at ur soft toys...
enjoy ur day shuwen!!!
may GOD bless u with ur good intention!!

Aik said...

I know nothing about make-ups too. :p