What took you so long ?

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This year hadn't been a very great honeymoon year for me. When faced with questions like
"Eh, how's your love life har ? Sixteen leh, honeymoon year leh ! Bf sure alot hor?"
EVERYTIME, I'm tempted to just scream back "DUDE I HAVE NO LOVE LIFE LA"

I've wanted to blog about this since the very start of the year. Now I'm thinking, what was I holding on to ? What took me so long ?

I've officially gotten over you.

Okla, actually "Officially" was since August la. I actually posted a blogpost on this in August but I deleted it before anyone could see cos I was being a stupid coward and an asshole I was still stuck in dilemma but heck, no more dilemmas (:

I can definitely find someone taller, skinnier, stronger, handsomer, cleverer, talented-er than him. Whatever happened in the past was a really great memory, he really gave me the best year in my high school life but that doesn't mean I won't have better years.

I just noticed how much time I've wasted mourning over whats in the past.
We both live different lives now, it amazes me how fast things can change but sometimes, change is good. I'm stronger, better now. I'm glad he cheated and I'm glad he moved away because if he didn't, I would still be a retard holding on to him.

When something bad happens, try to look on the bright side of it, sometimes bad things aren't so bad after all (:

I always said I will move on, but now, I HAVE (:

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Omg i know right, I like the picture too :D
I'm selling second hand teddies to raise money for charity. Delivery service is still not available yet since I don't really know how to wrap a parcel and all....
just kidding, I'm just lazy plus Telekom still sucks :/
But still, don't forget to drool over the pretty teddies ! Will update from time to time :)
I iz happy today. Good night people !

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