Sweet Sixteen ?

by - 4:11:00 PM

Finals . is . less . than . two . weeks . away .
And I'm really not in the mood to study.

Sweet sixteen
My unfortunately-going-to-be-very-bitter sixteen falls smack in the middle of my finals. I exaggerated, but if I didn't it would sound worse. Its at the beginning of the finals and everyone would be hardcore studying for all the subjects waiting in line.
So you see, whoever came up with the term sweet sixteen should also add something like

Does not include people who are born during the exam period

Then again, who came up with Form 4 is honeymoon year ?
Out of my 4 years in high school, I would probably choose this year to be my most wrecked love life year. LOL Not that I'm looking for someone, I'm just searching for something to rant on.

And oh yeah, my blog hits, are falling like the Niagara Falls. I should change this blog's name to Shuwen Falls or the Fall of Shuwen or something like that.

I'm not an angry kid therefore I am not emo :) I bet you're sien-dao-sei from this blogpost, but I promise I will get back to NORMAL blogposts after my finals.

wah I just noticed how many younger form ones are blogging in my school. :B

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