She turns 97.

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Since young I've never been really close to my grandparents. To me, grandparents who tells stories about World War 2 or when the communist attacked us only exist in books.

Both my maternal and paternal grandfather passed away before I could meet them, my maternal grandmother passed away before I got the chance to look at her closely and I'm left with two paternal grandmothers who I'm not really close with.

Few days ago my step-grandmother turned 97th.

I bet she would have SO MUCH to say about the Japanese or the communist invasions but unfortunately, I don't talk to her much and its not because I don't love her !

#1 We speak a totally different language.
Okay I'm exaggerating, its not totally, I understand foochow but I just can't bring myself to speak it fluently and plus, she has no teeth, usually what I hear is $@$^*^$@

#2 She has too many grandchildren
As I said earlier, she's my step-grandmother and the paternal side of my family is like HUMONGOUS. My father has TEN HALF-brothers and my oldest COUSIN, is like 10 years older than my dad and he's like a grandfather or something already. I don't even know who my cousins are. So how do you expect her to talk about Chin Peng to ALL the 23478921378923472389 grandchildren lor !

#3 She has memory problem
It happens to every old person. Everytime I visit her, she'll ask me who I am every 5 mintues or so. She doesn't even remember my mum.

Even though there's so many barriers and all that, sometimes I still wish I could be closer to her. My best friend has her GRANDFATHER ride her to school on a motorcycle everyday, how cool is that ! I bet without this step grandmother, my father probably wouldn't be what he is now, and I definitely won't be who I am now.

So Happy 97th Birthday grandma, even though you're half blind and has never heard of facebook or blogs but I still want to dedicate this post to you (:


My awesome mum made cheesecake ! Perfect for a pms-ful, Accountancysucks-ful, IdontcarehowfatIam-ful day :D Sorry its semi ruined. Blame my brother, or my mother, or me... or whoever ate the half of it.

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