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FINALS ARE FINALLY OVERRRR so yesterday me and my friends went to watch Red

Honestly la, before I stepped into the cinema, I thought I was gonna watch a horror movie called Rape. I had totally NO clue what movie I was going to watch.
Before yesterday Red to me was a color I see a lot during Chinese New Year. Now it stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous

I am seriously amazed by how Bruce Willis can be 55 and still running around kicking asses.
But then there was one part of the movie which I find ridiculous. He got off a moving car and starting shooting people. What the heck happened to inertia ?

Then theres Morgan Freeman. This is the second of movie I've watched with him acting in it. The first one was Evan Almighy where he acted as God and gosh I still cannot believe I'm seeing God holding a bazooka walking around killing people la...

But damn I loved this movie. Totally made my day. I might even list this as one of the best action movies I've watched. Its the kind of movie that makes me ROFL and gasp at the same time. Wah next time I also wanna marry a guy who carries a gun in his pocket and kill bad people for a living :) WAAAAAH

One of the best action movies I've watched, MUST WATCH :)
Rating : 9/10

My internet is still not working therefore no long/interesting blog posts :( I CANT EVEN LAUNCH MY BLOG SHOP. T___T
and hor, was supposed to go to KL today but there was a sudden change of plans. MY PLANS FOR AFTER FINALS ARE ALL RUINED LA and I blame Telekom :(
Seriously, I would rather have no internet at all than to call Telekom again.
Talk to them really can vomit blood. They're like a Char Koey Teow uncle who doesn't know how to cook Char Koey Teow.

Like my friend's dad says.


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