I am a nerd

by - 5:53:00 PM

Unlike most people, I have body resistance lower than a squirrel (I don't really know whether they have low body resistance btw.) Therefore I cannot hardcore study until 4 or 5 am like most people do. My MAXIMUM is 12am.


Not being able to stay up late isn't being a nerd okay, but I AM going to be nerd for like a week or two for the final exams.
Its starting on the 14th and no I have not prepared ANYTHING, I can predict what I would get for my Accounts paper already.


So, I'm gonna go MIA for a week or two
Don't trust me, I'll probably be back after two or three days
My computer had been asking me to turn it off since few days ago and I REALLY think I should, so goodbye people ! All the best to the form threes for the ongoing PMR !

Oh and by the way, thanks to all those who wished me happy birthday in advanced, someone even wished me "Happy 97th Birthday !" after reading my previous post, he forgot to add "To your grandmother" or something I guess.
but my birthday isn't until the 16th :)

I'm turning 16 on the 16th !

and it will be spent hardcore studying History. *sigh*
Bye people ! xoxo.

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