Education system and the end of the world.

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Recently, there has been quite a lot changes happening to our education system.
#1 Maths and Science reverting back to Malay.
I don't know what thats for honestly. So much money was spent to revert it to English and now back to Malay. Instead of teaching the teachers to speak better English, they just give in and revert everything back to Malay.

Haiya, no wonder today newspaper got article about grammar errors in PMR's English paper one la ! READ HERE Wuah, government damn nice hor, don't really have to do well in English liao lar ! They change everything to BM for us. English paper also no need do well liao lar ! They won't really notice also since they don't even notice their own grammar mistakes.

#2 The issue on abolishing PMR Examinations
Wah if no PMR Examinations later those Form Threes raging hormones go find bf/gf instead of study for exams how ?
Nvm lah, I think the public has got quite enough of kesedaran from all those buang bayi case campagins. Number of buang bayi case.. I don't think will increase la hor ?

#3 Compulsory to pass SPM history paper from 2013

"The education ministry will improve the history syllabus content by focusing on aspects related to the country's constitution, to improve understanding on the formation of Malaysia"

Isn't it funny how all this while that sentence above was talking about MALAYSIA and MALAYSIA only ? What happened to the other countries ?

"See that big bright thing in the sky ? Yeah thats the sun, the world revolves around it, not you"

I would definitely love history more if it wasn't always focused on that particular religion and race only .____.

Of course, there's nothing to worry about ! Because you know why ?
The earth is ending in 2012 anyway.

Yahoo said the end of the world is postponed !

Like this too bad lor, Malaysia will be the only country to die ::shrugs::

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