God has a plan for me

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Today I watched one of the best movies I've ever watched.

Simon Birch
Warning : Spoilers ahead

No he's not related to JWW Birch if you're wondering.
What makes this movie so special ?

It is a movie about Simon Birch, the smallest delivery ever recorded in the history of Gravestown Memorial Hospital.
When he was born, doctors didn't expect him to even last a day, but he did. Then they thought he wouldn't survive a week, but he did. In fact, he survived 12 years.

He was smallest in class, everyone picked on him, people laughed at him, even his parents thinks he's a screw up ! His mum merely replied 'I dont care' when he asked if he could stay over at his friend's house. His best friend Joe, and his mother loved him though.
Even with all the discouragement, Simon always said God has a plan for me and I am God's instrument. He even asked his church pastor to tell him God has a plan for him and his pastor blatantly replied I can't.
Even with THAT, he had faith. It TRULY AMAZES ME how a 12 year old defected kid can have so much faith, can have so much trust that God will make him a hero one day.
There was this part in the movie, where Simon hit Joe's mum on the head while playing baseball. Joe's mum died on the spot
If I were Joe I would blame him for my mother's death or something but Joe didn't. They continued their lives but even with THAT MUCH of discouragement, Simon still continued to tell Joe about his faith in God.

Simon got into trouble a lot, one of my favourite quotes in the movie was :
Rev. Russell: Simon, what do you think you're doing sitting in a corner?
Simon Birch: Thinking about God.
Rev. Russell: In a corner?
Simon Birch: Faith is not in a floor plan.
One day when he was on a bus babysitting a whole bus of kids with Joe and his pastor, Rev. Russell, the bus lost control and fell into a lake.
The pastor fainted and it was just two 12 year old kids and a whole bus of kids, but Simon and Joe both got all the kids out.

Simon was the LAST to get out of the bus when he noticed another little boy stuck in the bus. He helped him get out of the bus and then the bus sank, together with Simon.
Let me remind you he's VERY SHORT, and when he stands up, he's just about the height of the bus seat.
He was rescued, but died a short while after that.

God made him a hero.
You may ask If God has a plan for him then why did he die ?
He, was already a walking miracle. Nobody even expected him to survive for a week after birth ! He was so grateful, so faithful, and omg I super respect him la !
Nothing. NOTHING shook his faith.

So all you people out there, if you feel rejected, if you're disabled, if you think you're a failure, if you think everyone teases you and you're a nobody, don't forget.

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