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One day, Barbie and her friend AhLian were talking...

So AhLian decided to explain to Barbie about Churp Churp.

Perverted stalkers overheard also very interested.

Picture credits from ChurpChurp

So now you know more about Churp Churp, get rewarded by advertising on twitter and facebook for Churp Churp ! Don't so belakang la, everyday facebook not sien mehhh ?

Are you a Churper ? If not, what are you waiting for ? Visit to be one now !! :) See ya there !

But then I do hope they hold events at places other than in Kuala Lumpur though, cos well I live 4 hours away from KL and no I can't really hop onto a bus just for an event. If you stay in KL and you're not going to any events, heck lets exchange (:

Internet wires are all screwed up so internet is down, I fixed my modem though so only my laptop has internet. Teddy Donate, facebook and all my plans after finals are RUINED T___T So yeah, will update less. bye !

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