Friday, September 17

Turning over a new leaf.

This is a random I'mbored post so don't be bored out by my boredom cos its so boring that its gonna bore you to boring death.

I'm turning over a new leaf and I really cannot believe I'm really saying this.
Anyway, from today onwards I won't be using WTF or FML anymore. *crowd applauses*

LOL I read ALOT, practically everyday and omg I'm starting to feel mean for laughing at someone who just fractured her nose cos she tried to kill a spider in the shower.
Instead of all that, I'm gonna start smiling over GMH, LGMH and KGMH.

Wah, damn lot of things to cry over hor, but those three websites are mad awesome can !
I'm also gonna be a nerd and always do my add maths homework, not skip school/class and go to church more. Lets just hope I actually DO all that.

I'm pretty proud of myself, I haven't said WTF since I landed in Malaysia two days ago so yay ! From now on too, I'm gonna hardcore study because I wanna get into Melbourne Uni because omg that dude is in Melbourne Uni !

.. just kidding, but seriously, I shall use this as a motivation :D (my sister is so gonna kill me)

Fulamak, damn pretty la ! Like walk into Harry Potter liddat.
I'm an ACS Sitiawan student, and I believe I wouldn't be one if I didn't fall for some random dude who goes to the same tennis lesson as me. Damn funny can I chose my secondary school because my crush goes to it .______.
Okay, thats the end of this boring post, I hope you didn't die (: Gonna go do my addmaths now. BYEEEE


jalanjatuh said...

'WTF'= What The Fish.. hehehe =p

Zala Wajik said...

lol that GMH site made me cried before.

Lia Edwin said...

u study what?

Nana Eddy said...

good luck getting into the school same as your crush! or better yet, good luck in getting the 'crush'!! thee hee hee