This guy made my day

by - 9:55:00 PM

You know what, honestly I was having a terrible night.
I was terribly tired, I couldn't even open my eyes while I study about Boyle's law. All I wanted to do was run into my room and lie flat on my bed.

but then, I came across this blog.
Spiderman bit me
This dude, totally made my day. I mean, his first ever blog post is a repost of mine (he tried to make me sound like a retard by editing it a little) with all my pictures on his blog LOL, damn bangga la !
Read original here

I'm not advertising for his blog, it wouldn't even be considered advertising, considering he just created that blog and he only has one blog post (which btw is about me muahahaha) but yeah I do hope everyone visits his blog which will then lead you to my blog and since he doesn't have any ads, I wouldn't be helping him earn money too ! Wah I so genius can.

Some people just can't take jokes. Its fun to laugh at yourself once in a while, but you know whats REALLY fun ? Laughing at stupid people :)
I'm going to bed laughing at you and no I'm not being sarcastic, i AM laughing.
Spidey ! Vist me more and leave me more comments ok ? Just in case I'm in a bad mood again. Ktkxbye !

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