Sex in school.

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This is post is going to be general. It is not referring to any particular school or any particular person/race/religion/country.

Everyday, in the newspapers, we read about buang bayi cases. Babies are thrown away together with the garbage.

No picture attached because I googled for them and I found all kinds of gory dead babies and no, you wouldn't want to see that because its disgusting.
They either throw the kid away, or become a young parent.

Like this kid. At least he didn't leave the baby at someone else's doorstep to die right ?

Now, why are there so many buang bayi cases ?
Simple. Everyone knows without sex you can't have babies and if you're married you wouldn't throw your husband's baby down the drain would you ?
So it ends up with unmarried couples having sex, which normally ranges from teenages aging 15 to 21. Obviously, chapter 4 of form 3 on reproduction is not helping.

As the saying goes...
Okay I don't even know if there's a saying like this but whenever a teenager does something wrong, parents automatically gets blamed. They don't get enough attention and love from their parents so they find love from their boyfriends.
But no, its not ALWAYS the parents fault like everyone said. What about peer pressure, boyfriend pressure, atmospheric pressure, assignment pressure ?
Whatever the reason is, its STUPID.

Especially when students are caught having sex in SCHOOL. That person must be a frog or something (I just found out yesterday that frogs have no brain after dissecting it).
Now these are the reasons why I think teenage sex is stupid.

Students always choose the SCHOOL as their sex ground. You don't have to do it in school, how awkward would it be when your teacher or even worse, your SCHOOL GUARD finds you screwing your girlfriend in the toilet ? Disgusting much ? GET A ROOM, THATS WHAT HOTELS ARE FOR.

Hello, even little kids nowadays know what a condom is for.
Its either you bought a cheap and lousy one, or you didn't wear one at all.
Then try Durex, I like its ad.

If you just want a quick screw, why don't you get a prostitute ?
If your GIRLFRIEND gets pregnant, dude, be responsible la ! Throwing the kid away as the 'best solution' is not being very responsible.

Last reason why I think its stupid is cos its stupid.
Don't you want to at least finish your SPM, get a sijil and go out there to work for your own money and start shopping yourself ?
Instead of getting a job and work for your WIFE AND KIDS AT THE AGE OF 19 ?

Start thinking about your own life and how you're gonna enjoy it at the age of 16 instead of doing something stupid then having to bear the responsibility of 2 more people.

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