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Hi people ! School is finally overrrrr and fyi for those who think I'm 17 and is taking SPM this year, I'm not cos I'm not even 16 yet and its pretty fustrating.
You know whats so frustrating about being under 18 ?
First of all, I can't drive.
Second, I can't drink (Not that I want to, I hate alcohol)
Third, I CANNOT JOIN THE Mega Sale Mega Win contest. I was actually hyped up when I heard the news and started thinking of ideas for the video before reading the Terms and Conditions. UNDER 18 CANNOT JOINNN ;(
Alot of people might be thinking whats the big deal with this competition ?
Whats the BIG deal is, grand prize is RM10,000 cash for you to go shopping. Wtf-ed ? Read here for more info WWW.SHOPMALAYSIA.MY
RM10,000 is a HUGE AMOUNT OKKK. I can like give my mum RM5,000 and leave her to go Prada shopping while I go get my 50 RM100 dresses. Cool can ! Then liddis I can go to functions everyday without wearing the same dresses. Can die of coolness.

I was pretty disappointed but later on decided to lie about my age and join the competition anyway. I posted something along the line "Will Tourism Malaysia know if I lie about my age and join the contest ? :D" on Twitter but one day..

see lor, Tourism Malaysia say cannot :(

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