Melbourne, Australia

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HELLO PEOPLE. Missed me ? :)
I'm finally back from Melbourne, Australia and woah, it had been pretty fun. I didn't really visit any special tourist attractions like the Great Ocean Road. I just stayed in the city alot.

Now for the pictures! There's a problem with my monitor and its all YELLOW like it has yellow fever or something so I can't really photoshop cos every picture looks very chio vintage to me HAHA, good for me.

We flew Emirates ! The price of the tickets were pretty cheap, about the same as airasia and omg the entertainment

about 100 movies for you to watch !

Damn canggih la ! Got front and downward camera to let you see the plane landing

My travel buddy Melvin

View from my sister's apartment

Its spring now, but its still colddd

My sister's housemate, Melvin's brother, Elvin. He has down syndrome *wink*

Photo credits to Melvin. I'm sorry if the pic quality suck, blame facebook.

LOL I bet grafiti painters would be sued and jailed for vandalism in malaysia

But yeah, they take it as art, or fart.

Very chio church door

We actually WALKED to the yarra river, damn tiring can.

Random kid by the roadside. Angmoh kids so different from Malaysian kids ! I remember once I smiled at this Malaysian kid and he stared then jeling at me as if I was an idiot.

All taken by compact camera. My dSLR's color sucked ;(

From Eureka

The first step was handy. hmm

Findler's street station

Met up with some Sitiawan people. LOL this world so small.

Bola bola api outside Crown Casino. Someone said the fires shooting out from that pillar is much smaller than it used to be due to recession. LOL It was still pretty huge to me.

Japanese restaurant.

I very pro in guitar hero one :B

St. Kilda. Damn mad la, my favourite beatboxer Shawn Lee was in St. Kilda, Melbourne just a few days before I leave for Malaysia ;(

St Kilda's fish and chips so good can melt instantly.

So cute la their ads.

Carlton's garden.

Jump shot in Carlton's Garden. Elvin's jumps always so nice one D:

People there are so friendly, they let me hug their big furry dog. Totally peanut x10.

Breakfast at Marts in the suburbs. BEST CORN FRITTERS EVER.

I like this picture very much :D

Outside state library opposite Melbourne Central. Omg their library damn nice okay, they have like wii and xbox inside for you to play. With plasma TV tim !

This is my boyfriend outside the state library, he's very tall. :)

Damn laku la my bf ! Even old man want him.

Somewhere on Swanston Street

Inside Melbourne Uni. I attended one of my sister's accountancy lecture I think. Something about job cost, hybrid cost and idkwhat.I spent the first 45 minutes drooling over her handsome state squash player lecturer and the other 1 hour and 15 minutes sleeping/reading. SO SIEN OK.

See that red building behind me ? Thats the gryffindor tower. The other brown one, thats slytherin. Hagrid's house was somewhere on my left LOL.

Victoria market. Its a market without flies, without stray dogs, without the strong smell of decaying fish. So clean I can roll on the floor, not that I would want to..

Say it they have it.

VERY awesome veal with white wine sauce somewhere on Burke's street.

Attended Planet Shaker's church on Sunday, the speaker was a black from America and omg he was so good. This was like the first time I actually felt something.
Oh and by the way if you think church is boring, you should really go to that church. Its like you've just walked into a nightclub with blasting loud bass music.

Went to the shrine after church

The LOL jumpshot.

This is what Melvin does, stalk boys. Yeah he's gay.

Street performer who swallows swords and juggles firesticks at the same time. He damn cute la he was like 'I'm risking my life for your entertainment, and for those of you who just passed by without watching, thankyou for not giving a shit'
I was wearing layers + shivering, and he's semi nude. Gosh.

Cupcakes in Melbourne Central. LOOKS DAMN NICE LA.

My sister's homecooked Sweet and sour chicken. SO GOOD omg omg omg.

Her Crepe also so good omg omg omg omg.

Last night in Melbourne,

I love my sister, even though she's a little bit... retarded. :D

Trying to be racist, this is the Asian pose

and this, is the ang moh pose LOL

The chee brothers

Wah this pic damn nice la, got like four people hugging in one picture.

Things I've learnt in Melbourne,

# If you're gonna buy something cheap, don't say you'll come back tomorrow because it might not be there anymore. My sister bought this passport holder for $9.95, I came back the next day to buy it and it was $19.95, they tagged it wrong .__.

# He's no longer constantly on my mind, I've met someone better who made me realise there are actually more rich, handsome, clever and sporty guys out there. Actually its not just someone, its sometwo. One of the two is God, and the other person is a guy I met in Melbourne.

I just landed in Malaysia yesterday and I'm missing my sister and Elvin already ! Big brother had also went back to America. Miss him max ;( Happy Belated Birthday Bro !
Super looking forward to going to America end of this year !

My eyes hurt from the whole yellow monitor so I'm gonna go hardcore study now.
Bye !

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